• High school students (Yr 10 and above) keen to learn about their ‘best fit’ career options
  • Recent school leavers keen to explore their career options
  • University students unsure about their career direction
  • Individuals seeking a more fulfilling and meaningful career
  • Individuals feeling ‘stuck’ and not sure how to make a career change
  • Mothers, fathers or carers returning to work after a long absence
  • Individuals who are unemployed or have been made redundant
  • Mature individuals seeking more meaningful work before retirement
  • Discussion and assessment of your current situation
  • Identifying your career goals and key values
  • Identifying key strengths and transferable skills
  • Assessments of your personality profile and career interests
  • Discussion about career options that are a fit with your personality, interests and values
  • Identify the work tasks and work environment that will suit you best
  • Discussion around the different stages of a career change and the common obstacles
  • Feedback on your resume, covering letter and LinkedIn Profile
  • An action plan for taking practical next steps

“Leah was instrumental in my successful application to a full time sales role. Having been out of the work force for many years raising children, Leah’s calm yet concise approach instilled confidence and optimism that ultimately translated to landing the first job I applied for. Upon engaging Leah for assistance, I had a resume and job application turned around within a week, feeling fully prepared to engage in the recruitment process. I highly recommend Leah for her exceptional career building skills and positive demeanour. Thank you!”

Laura Richards, Sales – Interior Design industry, Malvern

” Dear Clare,

Thank you so much for your email.  I want to thank you for your time and assistance for reviewing my profile along with the assessment and suggesting me some great future career options. I am really glad that I came to see you and I really enjoyed the session with you. I definitely got a bunch of different useful ideas and options that I can work on now. 
I will surely explore all the different career options that we discussed in our session and I will get in touch with you should I need your assistance and advice regarding resume or job search.  Thank you once again.
Kind regards,
Priyanka K.

Priyanka K., Melbourne VIC

“I enjoyed my session with Emily and found the meeting to be very useful and inspiring. She was very easy to talk to and understanding of what I am going through. She reached out to me via email the day after our meeting with a detailed action plan and researching resources to assist me in making my next career move. Thank you!

Leticia P, Melbourne

Hi Clare Thanks for your time on Friday. I am very pleased we had the session as it was great to open up and learn more about my personality and how this can work with shaping my career. On reflection of what I learnt during our session it now explains a lot about the way I have thought about work, career and what is important to me. I have done some further reading about my personality profile based on your email and it is very insightful and will be very useful for my future job search and any interviews I may have. Reading this material and talking with you I can now see what potential roles fit my personality. I am starting to believe I am the right person for a certain role and that role is right for me so thank you for this insight. Thank you Clare for your very insightful feedback. This was very much what I needed. I will continue to explore the material you sent through and will let you know how things go. Regards Campbell

Campbell, Financial Controller, Melbourne

Dear Leah It was such a delight to meet you yesterday.

Thank you again for such an insightful, thought-provoking and confidence building experience. You have provided me with greater clarity around what is most important to me and an honest look at my capability. I feel really positive about the direction my career is heading!

I spent some time this morning researching courses, workshops and blogs and am feeling truly inspired.

Thanks so much. I will keep in touch.

Lucy, Melbourne

Thanks so much for the session a few months ago. I wanted to let you know that I am actually about to launch my own business 🙂 I am still tweaking the website, but for the most part, it’s done. You were actually the catalyst for me realising I just wanted to be doing my own thing and so this business was born from our conversations. Thanks again for helping me focus my attention and for giving me the confidence to go out and give this a go.

Tracey, Melbourne

My career consult with Emily was invaluable, I gained so much from the experience! Emily is a true professional who made me feel instantly comfortable. The personality and values testing paired with Emily’s extensive knowledge of different professions and available pathways meant I left the session with a shortlist of potential professions I’m excited to pursue! I highly recommend Emily’s career consulting services to anyone looking for clarification on a career change, it was the motivation I needed to convert my thoughts into actions. My only regret is not booking a consult with Emily sooner!.

Sam Tuscharski, Melbourne

I cannot recommend Leah enough. After trying many different career paths, I was looking for my next step for the long term and she really helped me find a career that is suited to my strengths and personality (that is reasonable to achieve as well). After seeing her, I got the first job I applied for even though I had no experience in this space, so she knows what she’s talking about. I would definitely use her again for any career advice. Thanks again Leah!

Jessica, Career Changer, Melbourne

I went to see Clare as I was feeling really stuck in my current role. I have felt for many years like I am under-utilised and that I am not really engaged. Clare helped me understand the reasons for this and also gave me some great options to explore which may be a better fit to my personality and more aligned with my strengths and interests. The follow-up job search coaching session was also super helpful. Thanks Clare.

Ben, Supply Chain Manager, Melbourne

I had a session with Clare and she was so easy to talk to and made me feel really comfortable. After my session I came away feeling like I had some direction and felt a lot more inspired. I will definitely return if I feel I need further guidance in the future.

Kelly, Melbourne

I first met Leah a few years ago when I was first considering a career change. Leah was friendly, personable, and was a great sounding board for what I was thinking and wanting to do next in my career. Within the coaching sessions, the conversations and discussion we had was both well considered and also filled with some practical advice to consider.

With some time having passed since we’d met and having seen I hadn’t made a move as yet, Leah got in touch to see how I was traveling and if I needed any help at all. Thankfully this came at the exact right time for me, and Leah was very willing to review my CV given my decision to change career. This genuine passion to help me succeed, as well as providing constructive and considered feedback on my CV was incredibly helpful to get me into the right headspace to find a new role, which I did pretty soon afterwards.

I’d highly recommend working with Leah if you’re thinking about changing careers – in my experience I felt that in Leah I had a strong advocate and supporter in my corner to help me make the change, which helped fill me with confidence in my decision and secure a new role in a new field.

Jonny, Communications Manager, Melbourne

I went to see Leah after I finished university for help and guidance with choosing a new career path. Her advice and recommendations were invaluable, and have seen me pursue a different career direction, one that I am absolutely loving and am so glad that I followed. Leah helped me explore all of the career options available, and presented me with a number of carefully considered, excellent opportunities that really suited my personality and skill set. Leah frequently follows up with how I am going with my new course, and her genuine interest and level of care is extremely appreciated.

Alice, Student, University of Melbourne

After a 4 year career break, I was ready to head back to work, but in what field, I didn’t know. A friend recommended Leah to me to provide some guidance on what steps I should take to get the ball rolling. After some discussions and testing, I am now studying.I have since been back to see Leah for help with my resume.

Leah is very thorough in her approach, realistic and empathetic. She goes above and beyond for her clients and really works to understand you and your needs. Leah clearly loves what she does and I couldn’t recommend her more highly.

Louise, Return to work mum, Melbourne

Leah, I wish to thank you for the information I garnered at our career counselling session. I came away with much more than, ‘which career suits my personality and skills’. Your extensive knowledge of industry and training requirements, along with your ability to incorporate my individual circumstances meant that the information you provided was highly relevant to me, now. The confidence I gained from our discussions has empowered me to look into many new avenues that I hadn’t considered. You are a powerful resource, and I would even say an essential part of negotiating a change in career. Your follow-up support and guidance has exceeded my expectations. I would recommend you to anyone, without hesitation.

Marion, Return to Work Parent of 3

Leah helped me find clarity with my career. It’s amazing how in tune she was with how I was feeling. After our sessions I have sucessfully taken a good step forward on my career path. Highly Recommend!

Sarah, Product Development

Leah has been a great sounding board and coach as I grow my bookkeeping business. She takes the time to listen, question, and then help problem solve. Leah asks great questions, thinking outside the square, exploring an issue in a realistic and practical way. I would recommend Leah if you are evaluating your current business or career. Leah’s manner guides a discussion, keeping you focused with outcomes that you can explore further at the end of a session.

Catherine, Bookkeeper/Business Owner

Leah is exceptionally diligent and meticulous. She has assisted me in reaching my career goals through an organic, steady and thorough process. Very happy.

Elly M, Account Manager

Leah is eminently approachable, friendly, knowledgeable and has a fantastic network of contacts. I found her to be an amazing source of ideas and she helped me to identify things I hadn’t thought of in terms of the career direction I want to take. She had a real talent for understanding what I wanted to achieve and showing me the steps to reach my career goals. Can’t recommend her highly enough.

Faye, Executive Assistant

So glad I made the appointment with Leah. I instantly felt comfortable talking to her, she listened and could see instantly the person I am and what I need in my working life to make me happy. She is very professional, knows her industries and has a wealth of industry knowledge. I have already highly recommended her to friends who feel stuck and unsure what to do and where to turn for career advice.

Geraldine, Customer Service Manager

After a few months in a role that just wasn’t what I thought it would be, I went to see Leah to help me decide which career path to go down. She was extremely helpful and very knowledgeable as well as easy to talk to. I found that my unsure feelings were actually because the role really was not suited to me at all based off the Career Magnifier test which I found was very accurate and represented me very well. I now have found a new position in a better suited environment with like minded people. So thank you Leah for helping me take that step!

Sally, Program Manager

After moving to Melbourne from London wanting a completely new career path, I sought Leahs help via a recommendation from a friend to try and provide clarity and guidance as to what my next steps should be. Not only was Leah the breath of fresh air that I needed but she knew her careers inside and out! She offered great advice, useful career resources to look at and really helpful guidance regarding updating my resume so it was interview ready.
I can’t recommend Leah highly enough. It’s evident she goes way beyond what she needs to for her clients and has a genuine love for what she does with empathy and a desire to help the people she coaches.

Rachael, Events and Venue Manager

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