Strengths Coaching

Strengths Coaching Session

Cost $495 incl. GST
Melbourne, Sydney or via Zoom
Strengths coaching will help you identify your realised strengths and tap into your unrealised strengths to improve confidence, productivity and engagement. In this coaching session, we use the Strengths Profile Assessment (formerly R2 Strengths Profiler), a world-leading strengths development tool. This assessment tool measures 60 strengths across the 3 dimensions of Performance, Energy, and Use and will provide you with a detailed profile revealing your realised strengths, learned behaviours, weaknesses, and unrealised strengths.

By knowing more about your strengths, you can look for opportunities in your professional and personal life to do more of what motivates and energises you, and less of what de-motivates and drains you.

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Expert Individual Strengths Assessment + debrief = $495 incl. GST

The Strengths Coaching sessions will be conducted by one of our Accredited Strengths Profile Coaches, Leah Lambart (Melbourne) or Emma Hodgson (Sydney).

How does a Strengths Coaching session work?

You complete the online Strengths Profile Assessment* (formerly R2 Strengths Profiler)
The comprehensive Expert Strengths Profile Report is generated and sent to you
We meet for a 60-minute debrief to identify and unlock your potential

The Strengths Coaching debrief session will help you:

Discover the difference between your natural strengths and your learned behaviours
Use your strengths more to improve confidence, productivity, motivation and engagement
Re-energise your job search and approach it with a positive mindset
Be aware of your weaknesses and how you can overcome these
Uncover your untapped potential by identifying your unrealised strengths
Understand how you can do more of what you love and less of what drains you; even in your existing job
Articulate to recruiters and future employers what you can offer in a genuine way
For further information, or to book a session with one of our coaches in Melbourne, Sydney or via Zoom, please contact us here.