If you are looking to get clarity and confidence about your career, then you have come to the right place. We can help you find the work that you were meant to do. The work that is aligned to your personality, strengths, interests and values, rather than the work that you just ‘fell into’. We will also give you the knowledge, tools and resources to go out to the market to pursue new opportunities or to further develop your career in your current organisation.

We work with recent school students (Year 10 and above), recent school leavers, university students, experienced professionals, non-professionals, mature-age individuals, jobseekers, individuals who have been made redundant and mums/dads / carers looking to ‘relaunch’ after a career break.

Leah Lambart

Career & Interview Coach/Director

I commenced my career working as a Tax Consultant with a Big 4 accounting firm, KPMG. I didn’t ‘choose this career’, instead, I drifted into it because I didn’t know what else to do. For many years I was unmotivated and disengaged, counting down the minutes to 5pm and living for the weekends. Yes, I have been there too.

Having experienced several career changes since then, and a significant career break, I understand the stages required to make a successful ‘relaunch’. I also understand the fears associated with such a change – the fear of the unknown, the fear of what others will think, the fear of having little to offer and the fear of giving up everything you have worked for. Those fears are real and I understand what it takes to overcome them.

My own career journey took 20 years and I can finally say that I genuinely love what I do. With hindsight, I believe that this journey may have been more direct had I received professional career advice along the way. This is now what inspires me to help my clients find the work that they were ‘meant to do’.

With 17+ years’ experience working in recruitment/HR and more than 2000 coaching hours, I have had great exposure to different industries and understand what it takes to transition from one career to another. I have also gained great insight into what hiring managers are looking for during the recruitment process. I now enjoy sharing this knowledge with my clients and coaching them ‘to think like a recruiter’.

I am also the mother of three young children, so I understand the need to find a sustainable career and the challenges faced by parents returning to work after a career break. I will work with you to give you the clarity, confidence and courage to successfully ‘relaunch’ your career.

Clare Pickard

Career & Leadership Development Coach

Clare is an experienced HR professional with 15+ years’ experience working in corporate and professional services environments; including Hays, Hudson, Sensis and commercial law firm, Arnold Bloch Leibler, where she gained extensive experience in recruitment, career and leadership coaching.

Throughout her career, Clare has held senior positions responsible for the selection, development, and retention of talent and has had great success coaching individuals and teams to improve performance. Clare can offer clients a wealth of knowledge and insight in respect to navigating the recruitment process, interview preparation, successful career planning and professional skill and capability development.

Clare is an accredited Lifestyles Inventory (LSI) and GroupStyles Inventory (GSI) Practitioner and uses these assessment tools to coach clients to better understand their own thinking and behaviour, as well as identifying strategies for improved personal and professional effectiveness.

This style of coaching will provide individuals with key benefits such as: improved effectiveness in their role, greater self-awareness, better decision-making capability, and improved interpersonal relationships.

Clare is a great ambassador for those who wish to attain a healthy work/life balance, having recently made a tree change to the Macedon Ranges with her young family. Clare has transitioned through several career changes herself, including redundancy and a recent career break. She is able to provide practical support and guidance to individuals experiencing career transition as well as to those wishing to ‘relaunch’ their careers.

Emily Manley

Career & Interview Coach

Emily always knew she wanted a career that involved helping people, but ended up studying a Bachelor of Business after being talked out of nursing. Shortly after graduating she found herself meeting with a recruiter to find a job, but instead was offered a position with the recruitment agency, so beginning her ‘accidental’ career in recruitment and HR.

Emily has now had 15+ years’ experience working across multiple industries in HR consulting and in-house positions and has had a breadth of experience across recruitment, organisational development, training and development, leadership development, talent management and technology. Emily has also run her own HR consulting business following the birth of her first child, when she quickly realised that the only way of achieving true flexibility was to have control over her own schedule.

Whilst Emily’s HR career has given her a diverse, flexible and often satisfying career, she found that it was aligned to her skillset, but not necessarily to her values or personality. The desire to help people in a meaningful way never left Emily and following the birth of her children this manifested in a strong desire to become a Midwife. Emily took the significant leap of commencing a Bachelor of Midwifery, which she is currently undertaking. Alongside this, she has found her ideal position in career coaching.

Emily understands first-hand the enormity of the career transition process and she uses this experience to help others as they move through the exciting, yet often uncertain and confusing period of career and/or personal re-assessment and transition. She also has a special interest in helping other women and mothers to find their purpose, working with them to build their confidence, resilience and wellbeing, so that they’re in the right position to relaunch their careers whilst also balancing family commitments.

Jeanette Walton

Resume & LinkedIn Profile Writer

One of only a handful of Australian resume writers accredited as advanced by Career Directors International, and with a complementary degree in professional writing and editing, Jeanette has been working with the written word for 15+ years. This includes writing resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, key selection criteria and other high-level career documentation for a broad range of clients across all job types and industries.

Jeanette is passionate about helping others reach their professional goals across various career stages, whether it’s a recent graduate stepping into their future profession, a mother with a young family eager to return to the workforce, or someone struggling to stand out in a highly competitive job sector. In all circumstances, Jeanette prides herself on producing high-quality written output via a collaborative, personalised writing process.

Based in Melbourne, Jeanette holds a Bachelor Degree majoring in Professional Writing from Deakin University, as well as a Diploma of Arts in Professional Writing and Editing from Box Hill Institute. She also maintains full membership with Career Directors International, and is committed to ensuring her resume writing aligns with the latest industry standards.

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Leah, Clare and Jeanette


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