SEEK Your Mind podcast

SEEK Your Mind Podcast

The job market can be especially tough during a recession or any period of economic uncertainty, and unfortunately some see this as an opportunity to take advantage of others.

relaunching your career with Leah Lambart

Jump Right In Podcast

In this episode of Jump Right In, Leah Lambart, Career and Interview Coach from Relaunch Me talks to Joy and Jan about the signs that might mean it is time to find a new career and how you can find the confidence to go out and get a fulfilling role.

CPA Podcast with Leah Lambart

CPA Australia Podcast

Elevate your career in accounting and finance with expert advice on how to stand out in the job market. In this episode you’ll learn how to unleash your full potential by adopting the mindset of a recruiter. Join us to gain insights from a careers and job interview expert to help find your career sweet spot.

Host: Jacqueline Blondell, CPA Australia.
Guest: Leah Lambart, a career and interview coach who began as a tax consultant with KPMG. After stints as a recruiter and HR consultant and running her own coaching business, she now shares her insights with clients and coaches them to think like a recruiter.

post-pandemic career break with Leah Lambart

Why we are all taking a post-pandemic career break

Tracey Grimshaw, Carrie Bickmore, Leigh Sales… a list of incredibly accomplished women who have decided they want to take a break from their TV roles.

In this episode of The Quicky, Claire Murphy chats to Leah Lambart, Career Coach from Relaunch Me, about why so many successful people are taking time out of the workforce at the peak of their careers.

Arrive & Thrive

Arrive & Thrive Podcast

In this podcast, Leah speaks with Tyson Day from Arrive & Thrive about how to prepare best for you next behavioural interview in order to reduce the stress.

ABC-This Working Life

We dive deeper into the power of networking and chat with Career Coach Leah Lambart (founder of Relaunch Me) and executive recruitment specialist Sinead Hourigan (Queensland director, Robert Walters) to find out what are the big changes to networking.

dealing with career regret

That’s Helpful Podcast with Ed Stott

Ever feel like you should have pursued something different or you’re heading back to work after a break & dreading returning to the job you hate? BUT, you feel like you’ve invested so much in your career that it’s too late or irresponsible to change?

Leah Lambart, Career & Interview Coach & the Director of Relaunch Me, talks through her step by step remedy & her foolproof guide for finding a career that truly sets you on fire.

The Content Byte

The Content Byte

What happens when you’re freelance… and you keep getting distracted by cool permanent jobs passing you by? When you’re a bit over the hustle, and want to go back to the 9-5 – even for just a year or two? It happens, as we talked to Joh Leggatt about in this recent episode. So, for a bit of a follow-up from that, we’re talking to career and interview coach Leah Lambart about what happens next:
+ how to get into the 9-5 mindset when you’re used to being your own boss
+ how to show employers you’re serious about a perm role and why you’d be an asset
+ tweaking your CV and cover letter to better your chances of making the shortlist
+ how recruiters and career coaches can maximise your chances of success
+ when to talk salary and what else you can leverage

Succeeding in competency and behavioural based interviews; interview with Leah Lambart
In this podcast, Leah Lambart, expert Career & Interview Coach from Melbourne gives advice on how to prepare for them, using the STAR technique correctly and the common mistakes candidates make – and how to avoid them.

Journey to the C-Suite podcast

On episode #5 we were joined by Leah Lambart, career and interview coach and founder of Relaunch Me a leading career consultancy that helps you find the career you were meant to do. We cover Leah’s own professional journey, how she found career purpose and her expert top tips for navigating your own career during and post Covid-19.

Health Evolution podcast

In this episode, Leah Lambart talks to Luke Marshall, Executive Recruiter from EMU Search about what candidates can be doing to continue their job search during the pandemic and to ensure that they stand out from the competition.

Greg Allan Podcast

An empowering podcast with Career Coach, Leah Lambart, where we discuss how to secure the career of your dreams, how to change if you are locked in a career you don’t like and how to create energy in your current career by re-framing and using personality strength profiling.

Fire Recruitment Australia Podcast

In this episode, Leah talks to Brent Clayton from Fire Recruitment Australia about what candidates need to do in order to be successful in fire services interviews including knowing themselves, understanding the role of a firefighter and preparing correctly.

EP 10: Career change and a bit extra with Career Coach, Leah Lambart
Changing jobs or careers can be be stressful at any stage of your life. Sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start and how to transition into that new career. Leah Lambart, a Career Coach, provides some advice on making a career change.