Job Search Coaching

Job Search Coaching – 90 minutes – $395 incl. GST

Melbourne VIC, Sydney NSW, Brisbane / Sunshine Coast QLD and via Zoom

The job search process can be an overwhelming and stressful experience at the best of times and this is only compounded further by the impact of Covid-19 on the Australian job market.

Our Job Search Coaching session is a 90-minute session that will provide you with objective and practical advice about “what is working” and “what is not working” in your job search. We will teach you to take an active approach to your job search, rather than relying on the traditional ‘passive’ job search methods. We will put you in the driver’s seat of your own career!

What will I learn?

In this session, you will discover ways to access the hidden job market, use your network, develop new networks and utilise LinkedIn to navigate what is going to be a highly competitive job market.

This session will also include a review and feedback on your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile to ensure that they are ‘best practise’ for the current market – that means easy to read, ATS friendly, tailored and keyword optimised for your ideal next role.

This session is for you, if:

  • You are willing to accept that you need to try something different
  • You are willing to step out of your comfort zone
  • You are willing to take the action required to create your own opportunities
  • You are keen to better utilise your current network and start building new networks
  • You are keen to learn LinkedIn tips and tricks to drive your job search

This session is not for you, if:

  • You are not willing to take the action required to make a change
  • You would rather go back to staring at SEEK all day and night
  • You would prefer to sit around waiting for that elusive recruiter to call you back
  • You expect a job to land in your lap whilst you catch up on the latest episode of Suits!

What you can expect from this session:

  • Confirmation that you are applying for the right roles
  • An understanding of the ‘active’ job search strategies that actually work
  • Clarity about what a ‘best practise’ resume looks like
  • The knowledge to develop a keyword optimised Linkedin Profile to attract recruiters (for the right reasons!)
  • A new appreciation for the power of LinkedIn and what it can do to facilitate your job search! 😁

Are you ready to start taking control of your future career?

If so, contact us now, to take control of your job search!

Hi Leah,
I just like to let you know that I have just been offered a permanent full-time position in an area that I am really interested in. I wanted to thank you for the chat that we had a couple of months back. It really helped me realise what my focus needed to be, and I was definitely more picky in this job search and made sure I only applied for positions that I knew interested me and were a good fit for my skills. It took a few weeks but I’m really excited about this new opportunity and confident that it’s a much better fit for me than my last role. Thanks again for the session and follow up. Cheers, Mark

Mark, Business Development Manager

I am very glad I consulted with Leah at Relaunch Me. The job market is now a very different place. With her help, guidance and insight on how to better brand myself through LinkedIn and with my resume; I have now landed a very exciting role. Her support and encouragement during the often frustrating job hunting process was greatly appreciated. Leah is an excellent listener and has terrific industry knowledge. I have no hesitation recommending her to anyone requiring careers coaching at any stage. Thank you Leah.

Mara, Business Development Manager

When I booked my appointment with Emily, I made it very clear as to specifically what I wanted out of the meeting. Emily was very prepared for the specific industry I wanted guidance in and delivered exactly what I wanted, in a very professional, personable yet relaxed environment. Post the meeting I am a lot clearer as to the steps I have to take to get to where I want to be. I would highly recommend booking a meeting with Emily if you need any guidance with your career 🙂

Max, Melbourne professional

Leah provides the perfect amounts of practical push and empathy. She is knowledgeable on a vast array of industries and I’ve recommended her to many of my friends and colleagues because she gets results.

Rebecca, Sales Manager, Melbourne

Leah is a very patient, giving person. She helped me with my CV, interview skills, all things associated with searching the job market. Most of all Leah really listened to me, gave me great advice. She followed up to see how I was making progress not just in my work related efforts, but I felt Leah really cared. Everyone needs someone like Leah in their corner. I am very grateful to have worked with Leah.

Margaret, Executive Assistant, Melbourne

I had a session with Clare and she was so easy to talk to and made me feel really comfortable. After my session I came away feeling like I had some direction and felt a lot more inspired. I will definitely return if I feel I need further guidance in the future.

Kelly, Melbourne

Having made the decision of moving away from a sales role and focus my skills on a more operational level, I found it particularly difficult to navigate the job market through the recruitment industry. I had for many years enjoyed the benefit of being approached by employers directly and therefore not been in a pro-active job searching position for a very long time. The combination of those parameters made it particularly difficult for me to get results. I realised that I needed some help with this, and I am truly grateful that my path led me to Leah. In just one session, I gained valuable knowledge about the job market “engine” and how to utilise it more efficiently. With a deeper understanding of what drives the selection processes, I was given practical tools and advice on how to successfully engage with the recruitment industry. I felt instantly at ease when I met Leah. From the information I had provided before our meeting and our conversation, Leah identified the areas that were holding me back, and I left the meeting with a plan. Within a week of executing the plan, I successfully applied and secured a production manager position. I could not have asked for a better result. I can’t recommend Leah’s services highly enough – money well spent.

Dorthe, Senior Account Executive, Melbourne

Emily was very insightful and professional. I really enjoyed working with her and will use her services again in the future.

Kelsey, Graduate, Melbourne

Job Search Coaching

What You Need to Know About Job Search Coaching

Searching for a new job has dramatically changed over the years, and the days of opening up your newspaper and checking the classifieds section for a new career opportunity are gone. Nowadays, most jobs are posted online, making applying for a job vastly different from just sending your CV and waiting for a call from the company you applied to work at. Luckily with all the changes, job search coaching is now available to assist you with finding the right job to suit your personality, aspirations, and qualifications.

At Relaunch Me, we understand that LinkedIn is one of the most popular job recruitment sites. With job search coaching and a keyword-optimised LinkedIn profile, we’ll assist job seekers and recruiters alike to attract their target audience, ensuring a perfect match between an applicant and company.


Benefits of LinkedIn Coaching

Many people think they can simply email their CVs to a potential employer or recruitment agency, and they’ll get the job. However, job applications are no longer that easy. Coaching plays a vital role in a job seeker’s life, and with many jobs being posted online, there are a few things that LinkedIn coaching can assist you with to make finding the perfect job easier for you. Here are some of the benefits you can receive when you hire a job search coach.

  • Using LinkedIn for your job search – LinkedIn is a fabulous tool to aid your job search and to ensure that you are utilising ‘active’ job search strategies, rather than waiting for that perfect job to appear on a job board. Your coach will show you how to target key people within an organisation, allowing you to go direct and put yourself in the driver’s seat of your career.
  • Getting noticed by recruiter and potential employers – your LinkedIn coach will teach you how to build a keyword optimised LinkedIn profile that will ensure that you are coming up in more recruiter searches and are being targeted for the right jobs on LinkedIn.


Tips for Finding the Right Job Search Coach

  • When you’re looking at coaches, do your research on them. You can ask their previous clients about them or browse their LinkedIn profiles to better understand who they are. You can check out some of our testimonials here to see what other clients have said about their experience working with us – link to testimonials page
  • Be aware of your expectations. Job search is a journey, not an event. It requires effort from your part after the coaching session. Our coaching sessions are for clients who are prepared to put in the hard work, to put our suggestions into practice and to take the necessary steps to facilitate an ‘active’ job search strategy.


About Relaunch Me

At Relaunch me, we’ll teach you how to tap into the job market and use your network to your advantage while assisting you with finding the right career path to suit who you are as a person. We have many years of experience and knowledge of the industry, making us one of the top job search coaching businesses around.

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