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Career, Interview, Job Searching Coaching

Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast & Via Zoom

Career, Interview, Job Searching Coaching

Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast & Via Zoom


Now coaching clients for FRV & FRNSW upcoming interviews

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Hi, I’m Leah Lambart

Career & Interview Coach and Founder of Relaunch Me

I started my career journey as a chartered accountant working with a
Big 4 firm. At the time, I thought it was a ‘dream job’ and I was so excited to be offered a graduate position. Fast forward a few months and I knew it wasn’t for me. I loved the people but I just couldn’t get excited about the work. I turned into the ultimate clockwatcher.

Why did this happen? I put it down to lack of career guidance, zero research and no understanding of my natural strengths.

Over the next decade, I made several career changes in search of my
‘best fit’ career – and yes, I finally found it! A career that suits my personality, uses my signature strengths and is aligned to my core values and interests.

Ten years later, and with 10,000 coaching hours under my belt, I am passionate about helping others who dare to find their ‘career sweet spot’

I now have a team of dedicated coaches and writers who will guide and support you to find your definition of fulfilling and meaningful work.

Go on, we dare you!


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We do it all…..


There are many steps that you must undertake to make a successful career change. At times this can be an overwhelming process and it is likely that you will encounter many obstacles along the way. We like to think of ourselves as your personal career cheerleaders, here to support and guide you in your quest to obtain more meaningful and fulfilling work.   We have been in your shoes and we understand how it feels to be disengaged and disillusioned about your future.


We offer a range of services to assist you with each step in the process including Career Coaching, Job Search Coaching, LinkedIn Coaching, Interview Coaching as well as critical support with Resume, Cover Letter, Key Selection Criteria and LinkedIn Profile Writing.


We also provide Outplacement and Career Transition Packages for individuals from entry-level to executive level who are facing redundancy. We provide one-on-one tailored coaching package for every client rather than a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach


We have coaches and writers based in Melbourne, Sydney, Sunshine Coast and the Gold Coast and can provide all our services remotely via Zoom to interstate, regional, rural and overseas clients.


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