Organisational Coaching


Do you want to increase the performance, engagement and development of your employees?

Emily Manley has 20+ years of experience in human resources and is a Certified Organisational Coach (Level 1) through the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership (IECL). Emily has successfully coached managers and employees across a vast range of different industry sectors within corporates and SMEs. She offers a wealth of coaching experience and practical actions that can be implemented immediately after the session. 

Our organisational coaching service allows organisations to improve morale, increase retention rates and unlock the talent within your business. Employees are also likely to realise some of the following key benefits:

  • Progress employees towards goals – identify short and long-term career goals and set the employee on a realistic path to achieve those goals. What new behaviours do they need to adopt? What obstacles might they need to overcome? What habits is it time to outgrow?
  • Increase engagement levels – by choosing to invest in coaching for their employees, organisations show that they are committed to the ongoing training and development of their team, increasing job satisfaction and engagement
  • Increase productivity – higher levels of motivation are experienced when progress towards goals starts to occur, accountability is heightened and people are feeling inspired to do their best
  • Build personal awareness – only with true self-awareness can growth occur. Coaching allows individuals to dig deep and reflect on why they may have particular default reactions or emotions, allowing them to make a fundamental shift in their approach to work
  • Development hi-potential employees – regular and structured coaching enables and accelerates the development of capabilities in hi-potential employees so that they can reach their goals sooner

Regular one-on-one coaching challenges people to take responsibility for themselves and necessitates accountability  – making your role as leaders or business owners easier. 

It also allows you to create a culture of creativity and problem solving as well as enhance organisational performance, providing a return on investment as well as a distinct competitive advantage.

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