Interview Coaching Services

Behavioural Interview Coaching

Graduate to Manager level – $395 incl. GST

Senior Manager to Executive level – $495 incl. GST

This behavioural interview coaching session is a 90-minute consultation that will build your confidence, master your interview techniques, and ensure that you prepare in the best possible way for your next behavioural interview.

These sessions are tailored for the individual and the role and industry that you are interviewing for. This session will focus on preparing you for behavioural interviews, which are now used by 90% of organisations.

Relaunch Me - Behavioural Interview coaching – 90 minutes
emergency services interview coaching

Emergency Services Interview Coaching

Cost $395 incl. GST

We have been successfully coaching clients for Emergency Services Interviews since 2014 and have achieved outstanding results. Our Emergency Services Interview Coaching service is tailored to the service that you are applying for and includes fire services (all States), paramedicine (Graduate, MICA/Intensive Care, off-road and leadership roles), police (VicPol, AFP – Recruit, Sergeant, Snr Sergeant), corrections and Customs/Australian Border Force.

Individual sessions, coaching programs and mock interviews are available depending on the level of support required.

Mock Interview

Cost $295 incl. GST

A Mock Interview will help you identify your weaknesses and where you need to do additional work to be successful. Your coach will prepare both general and behavioural interview questions that are aligned to the key competencies and experience required for the specific role that you are interviewing for.

These sessions will involve approximately 40-45 minutes of questions with 15-20 minutes of feedback and will ensure that you are using appropriate ‘STAR’ examples when answering behavioural questions to ensure that you are successfully demonstrating the key selection criteria

Relaunch Me - Mock Interview
Relaunch Me - Graduate Interview & Assessment Centre Coaching

Graduate Interview & Assessment Centre Coaching

Cost $395 incl. GST

In this 90 minute coaching session, we will help you brainstorm relevant examples to demonstrate the key competencies that recruiters are looking for in a graduate or intern, and ensure that you are delivering them in the most compelling manner.

Our sessions will be tailored to the industry and organisations/firms that you are interviewing for, and will focus on how you respond to the most common general questions (ie. Tell us about yourself?, What are your strengths?, Do you have a weakness? etc) in addition to ensuring that you are responding to the behavioural interview questions by correctly using the STAR method.


Medical Interview Coaching

Cost $495 incl. GST

We have been successfully coaching clients for Medical Graduate Programs and registrar/consultant/fellow positions across a range of specialities for over 8 years. Specialities that we have previously coached for include; obstetrics/gynaecology, orthopaedic, cardiology, vascular, plastic surgery, radiology and anaesthetic, amongst others.

These sessions are tailored to your level and speciality and focus on interview technique and developing specific and robust STAR examples tailored to each of the core medical competencies required to be successful in the role. Individual coaching sessions and mock interviews can be booked.

medical interview coaching