Sunrise – Job hunting during Covid

In this segment, Leah Lambart provides tips to help you stand out from the competition when there are such a high volume of candidates in the job market.

SEEK Facebook Live Q&A

If getting out of a work rut, identifying your transferable skills or tackling career related anxiety is keeping you up at night, join us on the couch with career expert Leah Lambart and SEEK’s resident psychologist Sabina Read to get your questions answered.

Ticker TV – Getting back into the workforce
In this Ticker TV segment, Leah was asked about what people should do if they have lost their job and the steps that they need to take to get back into the workforce.


ABC-The Conversation Hour

With year 12 students anticipating their VCE results, today’s talkback forum on careers was hosted by Ali Moore with oncologist and author Dr Ranjana Srivastava, Career Coach Leah Lambart and Vice-Chancellor professor Justin Beilby of Torrens University.

2gb – Nights with John Stanley

Nights with John Stanley reviews the day’s news and current affairs and follows the breaking news of the night.


SEEK Your Mind podcast

SEEK Your Mind Podcast

The job market can be especially tough during a recession or any period of economic uncertainty, and unfortunately some see this as an opportunity to take advantage of others.

ABC-This Working Life podcast

We then dive deeper into the power of networking and chat with Career Coach Leah Lambart (founder of Relaunch Me) and executive recruitment specialist Sinead Hourigan (Queensland director, Robert Walters) to find out what are the big changes to networking.

Succeeding in competency and behavioural based interviews; interview with Leah Lambart
In this podcast, Leah Lambart, expert Career & Interview Coach from Melbourne gives advice on how to prepare for them, using the STAR technique correctly and the common mistakes candidates make – and how to avoid them.

Journey to the C-Suite podcast

On episode #5 we were joined by Leah Lambart, career and interview coach and founder of Relaunch Me a leading career consultancy that helps you find the career you were meant to do. We cover Leah’s own professional journey, how she found career purpose and her expert top tips for navigating your own career during and post Covid-19.

Health Evolution podcast

In this episode, Leah Lambart talks to Luke Marshall, Executive Recruiter from EMU Search about what candidates can be doing to continue their job search during the pandemic and to ensure that they stand out from the competition.

Greg Allan Podcast

An empowering podcast with Career Coach, Leah Lambart, where we discuss how to secure the career of your dreams, how to change if you are locked in a career you don’t like and how to create energy in your current career by re-framing and using personality strength profiling.

Fire Recruitment Australia Podcast

In this episode, Leah talks to Brent Clayton from Fire Recruitment Australia about what candidates need to do in order to be successful in fire services interviews including knowing themselves, understanding the role of a firefighter and preparing correctly.

EP 10: Career change and a bit extra with Career Coach, Leah Lambart
Changing jobs or careers can be be stressful at any stage of your life. Sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start and how to transition into that new career. Leah Lambart, a Career Coach, provides some advice on making a career change.

Press articles

ABC Life — Finding a career that suits your personality

“If you don’t have natural empathy, dealing with patients over an extended time can become very tiresome as this is not a natural strength,” says Leah Lambart, Melbourne-based owner-director of a career coaching firm.

ABC Life — Advancing in your career without having to manage people

For workers in their late 20s or early 30s, deciding whether to enter management is a common dilemma explains Melbourne-based career coach Leah Lambart.

ABC — The ‘cult of youth’ can bite older workers — but it’s based on a myth

Leah Lambart, founder of Relaunch Me, says that social media has completely changed the game when it comes to keeping up appearances.

Lambart says she often sees clients who look successful online but are not earning enough money to pay the bills.

Daily Mail— Looking for a new job? The five CV tricks that will guarantee you an interview
Relaunch Me career coach Leah Lambart reveals why it is important to have a resume that is achievement-focused in order to show the positive impact that you have made in previous roles.
Daily Mail— What employers REALLY look for in a CV: Experts bust the biggest myths
NEWS.COM.AU— Avoid negativity in your cover letter if you want to get noticed and employed
Leah Lambart, Career and Interview coach from Relaunch Me, said the first few lines of the cover letter were crucial. “You have six to 10 seconds to capture the attention of a recruiter, therefore they don’t have time to read two pages of long paragraphs,” she said.

NEWS.COM.AU— Redundancy advice: a career coach and psychologist share their tips

While it’s an unfortunate reality due to the current economic climate, career and interview coach from Relaunch Me, Leah Lambart and SEEK’s Resident Psychologist Sabina Read say you can recover professionally and restore your confidence after a redundancy.

SEEK — Are you stuck on the hamster-wheel?

Leah Lambart, Career Coach from Relaunch Me, says many people “feel that perhaps their expectations are too high,” and that they should stay in their job even if it makes them unhappy.But the truth is we all deserve to not only be satisfied, but fulfilled by our work.

SEEK — 5 resume tips that will get you an interview

Leah Lambart, Career Coach from Relaunch Me says resumes that are achievement-focused help employers discover how you have been successful in your previous roles. “Add key achievements under each of your most recent positions,” advises Lambart. This doesn’t necessarily have to include awards bonuses or promotions, but rather how you have made a difference to the business.

SEEK — Watch-outs: what your new workplace won’t tell you about

Advancing through a job application process can be thrilling, but sometimes you can get swept up in the moment and forget to find out all of the important information before you say yes to a job offer.

SEEK — The informational interview: what it is and why you should do it

Advancing through a job application process can be thrilling, but sometimes you can get swept up in the moment and forget to find out all of the important information before you say yes to a job offer.

To help you out, we asked Matt Harrison, Managing Partner at Hope & Glory Executive, and Leah Lambart, Career Consultant at Relaunch Me, what to look out for and ask your prospective new employer.

SEEK — How to set goals that actually stick

Leah Lambart is a Career Coach from Relaunch Me and an expert when it comes to achieving career goals. Here are her five key tactics for setting realistic, achievable goals for your working life.

SEEK — A complete guide to networking

“Many job search coaches would say that networking is the most important and most effective way of landing your dream job,” says Leah Lambart, career coach at Relaunch Me. “Essentially, networking is about finding a job via who you know, rather than what you know.”

SEEK — How to talk about being fired in a job interview

Leah Lambart, Career Coach from Relaunch Me, has worked with many people who have had to leave their places of work for a range of reasons. Here are her tips for talking about why you were let go.

SEEK — How to fall back in love with your job

“Think about the skills you’ve gained and the wins you’ve had,” Lambart advises. “Remember to document these on an ongoing basis to remind yourself of how much you’ve achieved even when you have bad days.”

SEEK — Myths busted: What employers really look for in your resume

Just how important are tailored resumes, squeaky clean social media profiles and comprehensive cover letters? We asked employers to share – and you might be surprised at their answers.

SEEK — Passion or paycheque: what’s more important?

There are many reasons why career satisfaction is important, says Leah Lambart from Relaunch Me. “We spend so much time at work that being in a career that isn’t enjoyable or satisfying can have a very detrimental effect on our overall being.” Many people suffer from lack of confidence, stress and anxiety due to working in jobs that aren’t aligned with their strengths, interests or values.

SEEK — How to decline a job offer

“Some people have no problem doing this, but others find it extremely difficult and feel almost compelled to accept an offer, particularly if the recruitment process has been quite drawn out and involved,” says Leah Lambart, Career Coach at Relaunch Me.

SEEK — Are you ticking the work-life balance box?

Leah Lambart of Relaunch Me says, “Everyone seems to be on the treadmill; working late, coming in early, eating at their desks and working weekends. The problem is that lack of work-life balance over an extended period can lead to burnout, so it’s important to recognise the symptoms ahead of time.”

SEEK — Expert approved ways of sticking to your New Year’s career resolutions

Many of us start a new year by setting resolutions or goals, but as time goes by we don’t always achieve them. We may have set too lofty a goal, or too many different resolutions at once, that we don’t know where to begin.

SEEK — 6 toxic thoughts successful people avoid

Do you ever get the feeling you’re self-sabotaging? Do you catch yourself dwelling on negative thoughts that you know you shouldn’t be thinking? The truth is, many of us do. But toxic thoughts are something successful people avoid for a reason: they harm your career.

SEEK — What matters to you more than money?

Dramatic changes in the job market – and the way we live – have left many of us re-thinking our priorities in the wake of COVID-19, and doing some soul-searching into what really matters. And for many of us, it isn’t money.

SEEK — What to know about making a career change now

Change to our working lives, routines, and the world around us can be hard – and it has been for many of us during COVID-19. But this kind of upheaval can also do something else: it can make us stop and reassess the way we’re living our lives and what we really want – including in our work.

SEEK — 6 career change slip-ups to avoid

If you’re concerned about job security, a career change to a whole new industry could seem tempting.

In fact, 41% of Australians have been rethinking their career due to COVID-19, SEEK research reveals.

But before you leave a job to make a swift move to a new industry, there are six potential pitfalls to consider. Leah Lambart, career coach at Relaunch Me, gives her insights.

SEEK — 6 signs you should rethink that job offer

“COVID-19 has caused uncertainty for many job seekers and while you may be concerned about your job options, it’s still important to consider whether a position is the right fit for you at the moment,” says SEEK’s Resident Psychologist Sabina Read.

Here Read and career and interview coach Leah Lambart share when and how you should consider turning down a job offer.

We asked a career counsellor to answer all your COVID employment woes
Leah Lambart is a career and interview coach, and the director of Relaunch Me, a Melbourne-based service that helps people find more meaningful and fulfilling work. From recent school leavers to people in their 50s and 60s, Leah and her team have been assisting people to find their ‘career sweet spot’, where strengths and interests collide.

We got a career counsellor to answer all your COVID employment woes

Leah Lambart is a career and interview coach, and the director of Relaunch Me, a Melbourne-based service that helps people find more meaningful and fulfilling work. From recent school leavers to people in their 50s and 60s, Leah and her team have been assisting people to find their ‘career sweet spot’, where strengths and interests collide, since 2014. 

Lifehacker — Tips For Changing Careers Amid Unemployment Concerns in Australia
To help you dip your toes in the water, we’ve asked Sydney-based career counsellor, John Taccori and career and interview coach Leah Lambart of Relaunch Me to give us their top tips on changing careers and how best to tackle the challenges that come with the transition.
INTHEBLACK — 5 ways to keep your career on track in the COVID-19 era

Career coach Leah Lambart says there are numerous career management strategies that workers can adopt to stay ahead of the competition.“Now is the time to really work on your skills,” Lambart says.When business does resume, there will be a lot of competition for jobs but if you can show recruiters how you worked on your skills during this period you will be in a much better position.”

INTHEBLACK — The bad job interview: do you push back or back out?

Providing a potential employer with extensive insights or work samples can constitute free consultancy. Candidates might be asked to complete a cost-benefit analysis or review a set of accounts, says Melbourne-based career and interview coach and Relaunch Me director, Leah Lambart.

INTHEBLACK — How to make your firm more attractive to job seekers

While salary is always important, other strategies can be used to attract candidates. The most sought-after perk is flexibility, says Leah Lambart, a career and interview coach and founder of Relaunch Me. Employees value “some leeway that allows them to attend a school event or go to an appointment without being made to feel guilty about it”.

Pedestrian TV — Expert Tips On Staying Sane & Landing On Your Feet After Being Made Redundant

Leah recommends assessing your own strengths and weaknesses to find out exactly what you can bring to a new role.“Before you go out to market you need to be able to identify, understand and articulate your key transferable skills and how you can apply them to your ideal role or industry. Brainstorm with a career coach or friend to get a list of your transferable skills”.


Lost your job because of the coronavirus? We spoke to a Melbourne careers expert and heard from Melburnians who made the switch to new employment. Here’s what they said.

Healthtimes — 2021 career health check-up (or check out?)

Does burnout mean it’s time to check out – or are there ways to come back brighter and stronger? Career Coach Leah Lambart says nursing has many transferable skills, but challenging times don’t always signal the end of a career.