Graduate Interview Coaching Session

Graduate Interview Coaching Session

1 x 1hr Zoom session + interview handouts and questions

The Graduate Interview Coaching session is designed for students who need a more economical method of coaching than face-to-face coaching.  These sessions will all be facilitated by me (Leah Lambart) and I have 17+ years’ of experience from working in recruitment, human resources and as an interview coach to share with you.

I commenced my own career working at KPMG as a Corporate Tax Accountant and I also worked in-house managing the recruitment for national law firm, Allens.  I know what these firms expect at interview and how to impress them.

I am very passionate about interview coaching and helping my clients nail their interview by teaching them to ‘think like a recruiter’.  In this session we are going to work hard to get through the following:

  • The key competencies you to need to prepare for
  • Different types of interview questions
  • How to answer ‘Tell us about yourself”
  • Strengths and weaknesses
  • Understanding the ‘STAR’ method and how to use it correctly
  • Example behavioural questions and ideal STAR responses
  • Asking the right questions
  • Closing the interview with confidence
  • Preparation tips and tricks

Join me for the next group coaching session and let’s get you the job you have studied so hard for!

For further information or to book in for this session, please contact
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