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Outplacement / Career Transition

Outplacement / Career Transition Services

Relaunch Me offers Outplacement/Career Transition services tailored for the individual.  Services are appropriate for employees at any level who have been made redundant or where there has been a mutually agreed resignation.  Outplacement support is provided face-to-face in Armadale/Malvern, Melbourne VIC or in the Melbourne CBD by arrangement.  Sessions can also be provided via Phone or Skype.

What Is Outplacement / Career Transition support?

Outplacement / Career Transition support is for individuals who need to go through the process of finding a new job after being made redundant.  This support may include assistance with career counselling, job search, LinkedIn, resume and cover letter coaching and interview coaching.

Advantages of undertaking an Outplacement / Career Transition Program

Outplacement / Career Transition services will ensure that the individual feels confident that they have the knowledge, skills and marketing materials to conduct their job search in a structured manner and to interview successfully for new opportunities.

  • Personality and Career Interest assessments
  • Identifying key strengths and transferable skills
  • Assessment of career options that suit your personality, interests and values
  • Discussion and feedback on resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile

  • Working with recruitment agencies
  • Tapping into the hidden job market
  • Networking

  • Structuring responses to general interview questions
  • Detailed review of using ‘STAR’ to answer behavourial interview questions
  • Brainstorming ‘STAR’ examples to demonstrate key competencies

  • Using LinkedIn for job search and networking
  • Writing a compelling Summary
  • A keyword optimised profile for your ideal role
  • Networking on LinkedIn including example scripts

Package Time Price
  Package 1:   2 sessions   1.5hrs duration   $800
  Package 2:  3 sessions   1.5hrs duration   $1,200
  Package 3:  4 sessions   1.5hrs duration   $1,500

Leah is fantastic at what she does and her coaching methods are very rewarding. Her sessions provided me with the confidence and preparation required when going into job interviews and without a doubt was a major reason why I now have the job I wanted.


IT Service Desk Administrator Melbourne

Leah is an exceptional career counsellor and very warm and professional mentor.
I enjoyed my career transition counselling with Leah because it provided me with great tips on revising my CV to showcase my key skills and achievements, as well as tips on writing a powerful Cover Letter and compelling LinkedIn profile. She is especially skilled in behavioural interview questions and has provided me with many practical tips on interviewing effectively. Leah coached me on answering common questions I could expect to receive, as well as less prevalent but challenging (e.g. sensitive/ethical) questions.
We had three sessions together and I felt that Leah covered a lot of ground. I lined up a role within 3 weeks of being made redundant from my last job and I feel confident that Leah’s coaching and interview preparation went a long way to helping me land a great role in a peak health organisation. I would highly recommend Leah.


Senior Policy Advisor Melbourne

I was sceptical that I would gain anything by seeing a career counsellor after I was made redundant, especially in just three sessions.

But Leah gently drew out of me what was holding me back and quickly tapped into what I needed. We got straight into some challenging work that shook me out of my preconceived ideas.

Leah’s professional background meant she knew what recruiters are looking for, not just in their candidates but also in the changes I needed to make to my CV but also my interview skills, which really needed some work!

Leah switched me onto the value and uses of LinkedIn too. She made some suggestions about how I could manage my professional social media better, and although I was initially sceptical, I was surprised by the attention my profile attracted, and the opportunities that came from it. I soon saw that LinkedIn became one of the ways recruiters found me, but also one of the ways employers checked me out even before deciding to interview.

Thanks to Leah’s input and my hard work I landed a great job, and a real step up in my career that I don’t think would have been possible without Leah.


Senior Policy Advisor, Melbourne