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Leah, I wish to thank you for the information I garnered at our meeting. I came away with much more than, ‘which career suits my personality and skills’. Your extensive knowledge of industry and training requirements, along with your ability to incorporate my individual circumstances meant that the information you provided was highly relevant to me, now. The confidence I gained from our discussions has empowered me to look into many new avenues that I hadn’t considered. You are a powerful resource, and I would even say an essential part of negotiating a change in career. Your follow-up support and guidance has exceeded my expectations. I would recommend you to anyone, without hesitation.

Marion, Mother of 3


Leah has been a great sounding board and coach as I grow my bookkeeping business. She takes the time to listen, question, and then help problem solve. Leah asks great questions, thinking outside the square, exploring an issue in a realistic and practical way.
I would recommend Leah if you are evaluating your current business or career. Leah’s manner guides a discussion, keeping you focused with outcomes that you can explore further at the end of a session.

Catherine, Bookkeeper/Business Owner


I contacted Leah because I was so confused about choosing a new career and kept procrastinating about making some changes.

I really enjoyed the consultation as it opened my eyes to other careers that suited my personality and matched my interests. Leah was able to give me a lot more detail about these careers and courses. She also provided me with some great resources to assist me with my research and decision making going forward.

The career counselling session I had with Leah was really helpful and probably the most practical, clear and insightful career development discussion that I have had in my career.

Rhiannon, Hairdresser/Business Owner


The session I had with Leah was really helpful and probably the most practical and insightful career discussion that I have ever had. It helped clarify lots of things for me and gave me the confidence to move forward and start researching other career options.

Diana, Melbourne


I went to see Leah after I finished university for help and guidance with choosing a career path. Her advice and recommendations were invaluable, and have seen me pursue a different career direction, one that I am absolutely loving and am so glad that I followed. Leah helped me explore all of the options available, and presented me with a number of carefully considered, excellent opportunities that really suited my personality and skill set. Leah frequently follows up with how I am going with my new course, and her genuine interest and level of care is extremely appreciated.

Alice, Student, University of Melbourne


Having made the decision of moving away from a sales role and focus my skills on a more operational level, I found it particularly difficult to navigate the job market through the recruitment industry. I had for many years enjoyed the benefit of being approached by employers directly and therefore not been in a pro-active job searching position for a very long time. The combination of those parameters, made it particularly difficult for me to get results.

I realised that I needed some help with this, and I am truly grateful that my path let me to Leah. In just one session, I gained valuable knowledge about the job market “engine” and how to utilise it more efficiently. With a deeper understanding of what drives the selection processes, I was given practical tools and advice on how to successfully engage with the recruitment industry.

I felt instantly at ease when I met Leah. From the information I had provided before our meeting and our conversation, Leah identified the areas that were holding me back, and I left the meeting with a plan. Within a week of executing the plan, I successfully applied and secured a production manager position. I could not have asked for a better result.

I can’t recommend Leah’s services highly enough – money well spent.

Dorthe, Senior Account Executive


Leah is fantastic at what she does and her coaching methods are very rewarding. Her sessions provided me with the confidence and preparation required when going into job interviews and without a doubt was a major reason why I now have the job I wanted.

Matt, IT Service Desk Administrator


Leah is an exceptional career counsellor and very warm and professional mentor.

I enjoyed my career transition counselling with Leah because it provided me with great tips on revising my CV to showcase my key skills and achievements, as well as tips on writing a powerful Cover Letter and compelling LinkedIn profile.

Leah is especially skilled in behavioural interview questions and has provided me with many practical tips on interviewing effectively. Leah coached me on answering common questions I could expect to receive, as well as less prevalent but challenging (e.g. sensitive / ethical) questions.

I had three sessions with Leah but felt that Leah covered a lot of ground. I lined up a role within 3 weeks of being made redundant from my last job and I feel confident that Leah’s coaching and interview preparation went a long way to helping me land a great role in a peak health organisation.

I would highly recommend Leah.

Nada, Senior Policy Advisor


Leah is a very patient, giving person. She helped me with my CV, interview skills, all things associated with searching the job market. Most of all Leah really listened to me, gave me great advice. She followed up to see how I was making progress not just in my work related efforts, but I felt Leah really cared.
Everyone needs someone like Leah in their corner.
I am very grateful to have worked with Leah.

Margaret, Executive Assistant


I engaged Leah’s services after being out of the workforce for a period of time; it was the most beneficial exercise. Leah is both practical and empathetic, delightful yet ballsy. Money very well spent.

Rebecca, Senior Sales Executive


Leah, I want to thank you for our session the other day. I cannot put into words how much it has helped me. I feel really positive about moving forward and I have passed your details onto some friends who also need some career advice.m Today I started looking through everything we went through in the session and I am just about to look into some courses now. Thanks again for all your help.

Bronny, High School Teacher


After a number of years out of the workforce after having children, Leah was instrumental in getting me back on track career wise. Her ability to relate to people in a kind, genuine and thoughtful manner is second to none. Leah provided me with personality testing for career fit, resume tips and general advice on how to find the right role. I found Leah to be extremely professional and experienced, but also very personable and motivating. I would highly recommend Leah.


Senior Accountant, Melbourne

I met with Leah Lambart for interview coaching in April 2017. I was faced with the daunting prospect of my first interview in a period of over eight years, and needed to see a professional interview coach to assist in my preparation. Leah spent time with me, in a relaxed and comfortable environment, to go over the position description, in order to assess key questions which might come up during the interview. Leah gave me ideas on how to answer ‘tricky’ questions, along with documents that outlined suggestions, too. Importantly, Leah armed me with questions that I could ask at the end of the interview, that would assist in creating a dialogue and a sense of connection with those on the interview panel. All-in-all, I came out of my session with Leah, armed with self-confidence due to her detailed and clever preparation. She followed up with a phone call, a few hours after my interview, to enquire about my thoughts on how I fared. I’d happily recommend Leah to anyone who’s seeking a career change, or more particularly, mums like me who are needing to get back into the paid workforce after a break due to child-rearing. Leah knows her industry very well, and you know you’re in good hands. She’ll guide you carefully and kindly all the way through the process. Thank you, Leah!


Content Writer, Melbourne

Leah is insightful, empathetic and very knowledgeable about job search, career development and using LinkedIn to generate business. She was well prepared for our meeting and provided practical suggestions and advice in a very constructive way. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone looking to progress in their existing role or to move into a new role.


Senior Legal Counsel, Melbourne

Leah provides the perfect amounts of practical push and empathy. She is knowledgeable on a vast array of industries and I’ve recommended her to many of my friends and colleagues because she gets results.


Senior Recruiter, Melbourne

For over two years I had been trying to break through the job ceiling into a higher managerial role and also cross over into a new discipline. My applications were getting me interviews but I couldn’t convert these opportunities into job offers – the excuse of not enough experience always being the feedback.

After one coaching session with Leah I received a job offer from the very next interview I had. Her advice and guidance about how to structure answers, think more clearly, how to best apply my experience to new fields and provide responses that panels are seeking to hear was the sole difference than my previous attempts.

Leah also went an extra mile by volunteering further help in providing resources how best to respond to psychometric testing. This was completely unprompted but allowed me to comprehensively prepare for not only my interview but testing as well. After twelve previous attempts it was purely Leah’s help that enabled me to convert an interview into job offer and finally break the job ceiling.


Urban Planner

Hi Leah

I wanted to share my news with you. I have a job! It came out of left field but it’s perfect. You were right, that the way I was going to find my kind of job would be through someone I knew.

Chatting to old colleagues and getting a couple of interviews all helped me boost my confidence enormously. Even though deep down I didn’t really want to return to the big corporate world those steps helped me remember that I did have some useful skills and talent. I’d lost so much confidence and a bit of my identity after such a long gap. Just doing those little things re-energised me and got the ball rolling and then more and more opportunities started to pop up.

I am so happy. Thanks Leah for your early guidance and pushing me in the right direction. This job ticks all the boxes for me!- it’s with a fantastic group of people, it’s a great company with a good story AND it offers the perfect balance for me as a mum!

Thanks again for everything. We’ll stay in touch.


Ex-Buyer, mum of 3

After taking an extended maternity leave to raise my three children I was left feeling unconfident and despondent about my chances of re-entering the workforce (something I was yearning for).

I engaged Leah Lambart to assist me in moving forward in a meaningful way. She has so far taken me through a series of steps in career counselling which have already given me confidence, focus and excitement about returning to work. She has also provided me with extensive LinkedIn coaching which now puts me in an excellent position to re-enter the workforce.

She also:
-Helped me figure out what types of work I was good at and enjoyed, and what fields and specific job titles would be a good fit
-Assisted me to rewrite my resume to fit the types of jobs I was seeking and be more accomplishment-oriented
-Helped me feel more confident in myself and my skills and my ability to find a good job

I highly recommend anyone in a similar position or anyone that wants to find a new job or career to contact Leah to maximise their potential and success


Return to Work mother of 3

Leah is exceptionally diligent and meticulous. She has assisted me in reaching my career goals through an organic, steady and thorough process. Very happy.

Elly M

Account Manager

I was sceptical that I would gain anything by seeing a career counsellor after I was made redundant, especially in just three sessions.

But Leah gently drew out of me what was holding me back and quickly tapped into what I needed. We got straight into some challenging work that shook me out of my preconceived ideas.

Leah’s professional background meant she knew what recruiters are looking for, not just in their candidates but also in the changes I needed to make to my CV but also my interview skills, which really needed some work!

Leah switched me onto the value and uses of LinkedIn too. She made some suggestions about how I could manage my professional social media better, and although I was initially sceptical, I was surprised by the attention my profile attracted, and the opportunities that came from it. I soon saw that LinkedIn became one of the ways recruiters found me, but also one of the ways employers checked me out even before deciding to interview.

Thanks to Leah’s input and my hard work I landed a great job, and a real step up in my career that I don’t think would have been possible without Leah.


Senior Policy Advisor

Leah is eminently approachable, friendly, knowledgeable and has a fantastic network of contacts. I found her to be an amazing source of ideas and she helped me to identify things I hadn’t thought of in terms of the career direction I want to take. She had a real talent for understanding what I wanted to achieve and showing me the steps to reach my goals. Can’t recommend highly enough.


Executive Assistant

So glad I made the appointment with Leah. I instantly felt comfortable talking to her about my career concerns. She listened and could see instantly the person I am and what I need in my working life to make me happy. She is very professional, knows her industries and has a wealth of industry knowledge about different career paths. I have already highly recommended her to friends who feel stuck and unsure what to do and where to turn for career advice.


Customer Service Manager

After moving to Melbourne from London wanting a completely new career path, I sought Leahs help via a recommendation from a friend to try and provide clarity and guidance as to what my next steps should be. Not only was Leah the breath of fresh air that I needed, but she knew her careers inside and out! She offered great advice, useful career websites to look at and really helpful guidance in regard to updating my resume so it was interview ready.
I can’t recommend Leah highly enough. It’s evident she goes way beyond what she needs to for her clients and has a genuine love for what she does with empathy and a desire to help the people she coaches.


Events and Venue Manager

Without Leah’s guidance, I would not have been able to walk into my interview so confidently. The personal nature of her sessions were invaluable – she steers you in the right direction to not only consider the types of questions that might be asked, but more importantly how to best answer them. Her timely response to emails/calls and overall professionalism was exceptional. If you’re looking for guidance or simply want genuine feedback, Leah will support you all the way.


Medical School Applicant