Podcast Episode #25 Careers in Construction Management, with Elinor Moshe


In this episode, Leah spoke to Elinor Moshe about her own career journey into construction management and how she now uses her own experience to coach others to achieve career success within the construction industry.  

In this episode we discussed:

  • How Elinor came to commence her career in construction management
  • Typical entry-level roles for construction management graduates
  • What does the role of a Contract Administrator actually involve
  • Pros and cons of working in construction
  • Obstacles to career success within this industry
  • How Elinor uses her own experience to coach others
  • Elinor’s new book – Constructing Your Career

If you are interested in connecting with Elinor, listening to her podcast or purchasing her book, you will find more at the links below:

LinkedIn Profile
The Construction Coach website
Book – Constructing your Career, author Elinor Moshe
Podcast – Constructing You