Podcast Episode #22 Take your interviews to the next level, interview with recruiter Nicola Crocco

In this episode, Leah interviewed highly experienced recruiter, Nicola Crocco to get her tips on how senior candidates can take their interview to the next level.

In this episode, we talked about the following:

  • Nicola’s background in recruitment and the work she does with Lisa Canning at Talent Effect
  • What is expected of candidates when they meet with a recruiter to discuss a specific position
  • The key areas being assessed when recruiters are shortlisting candidates for a role
  • The common mistakes that more senior candidates (even executives) make during the client interview
  • Recommended steps for following-up after attending a client interview
  • How candidates can build rapport with the interview panel on a Zoom interview
  • Nicola’s three biggest tips for candidates if they want to improve their chances of securing future employment post-Covid

Click here for further information about Talent Effect or to connect with Nicola:

Website – www.talenteffect.com.au

LinkedIn – Nicola Crocco