Podcast Episode #20 Data Analyst to Data Presentation Coach, an interview with Kate Norris

In this episode, Leah interviews Kate Norris about her earlier career working in finance and how she leveraged off her data analyst background to co-found her own business, Presentation Boss, where she coaches technically-minded professionals to present their data in a more meaningful and engaging way.  These are some of the topics that we discussed:

  • How Kate came to choose her first career working in finance
  • What a typical day looks like in the life of a data analyst
  • The motivation for starting her own business
  • The challenges of starting a new business
  • How Presentation Boss helps technical professional hone their presentation skills
  • The steps to an effective and engaging presentation
  • What is Toastmasters and how can it help someone improve their speaking skills
  • What transferable skills Kate used from her earlier career when starting her business

If you are interested in finding out more about how Kate and her business partner, Thomas Krafft, can help you make better presentations, you can contact them at the links below:

For some great tips on improving your public speaking and presentation skills, I also highly recommend Kate and Thomas’s podcast The Presentation Boss Podcast.