Podcast Episode #15 How to stand out in the job market, an interview with Thales Talent Acquisition Manager, Marj Glazebrook

In this interview, Leah interviews Marj Glazebrook, Talent Acquisition Team Leader of Thales, about how recruitment has changed over the years and how both graduates and experienced candidates can stand out in a competitive job market.

In this interview Leah and Marj discussed:

  • How recruitment has changed over the years
  • How Covid-19 has affected business from a recruitment perspective
  • How candidates can prepare for the new normal, in particular, video interviews
  • What the Graduate Program involves at Thales
  • The benefits of being selected for a Graduate Program
  • The different steps involved in the graduate recruitment process
  • The skills and attributes that recruiters are looking for when hiring graduates
  • How graduates students can stand out for the right reasons
  • How recruitment has changed for experienced hires since Covid-19
  • Advice for candidates who are currently in the job market

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