Podcast Episode #13 Business Analyst to Ux Designer, an interview with career changer Rebekah Murphy

In today’s episode, Leah interviewed Rebekah Murphy about her radical career change and relocation from Ireland to Australia to pursue a career in UX Design.

In this episode we discussed the following:

  • Rebekah’s work with Accenture as a Business Analyst and what was missing
  • How she came to be interested in UX Design
  • How she went about researching UX Design before embarking on her career change
  • How she came to choose the UX course at General Assembly
  • The fears she had to overcome before making the move
  • The structure of the General Assembly course
  • How she went about securing her first UX role
  • What is UX Design exactly and what is a typical day
  • What skills and attributes are helpful for this career
  • Her advice for others interested in a UX career 

This is a great episode for anyone considering a career change into digital regardless of the area.

Rebekah can be contacted via her LinkedIn profile.