Podcast Episode #45 Choosing a career with ADHD, an interview with ADHD & Executive Function Coach, Caroline Beresford.

Episode #45 Caroline Beresford

In this interview, Leah interviews ADHD & Executive Function Coach, Caroline Beresford, about how she assists clients with an ADHD diagnosis identify and utilise their signature strengths to thrive both in an education and in the workplace.

  • In this interview, Leah & Caroline discuss the following:
    Caroline’s own career journey and some of the career changes that she has had along the way
  • What an ADHD coach does and the types of clients that she works with
  • What might be some of the typical challenges that someone with ADHD may encounter in an education setting and in the workplace
  • How individuals diagnosed with ADHD can learn how to play to their unique strengths
  • How employers can ensure that their workplace environment is neuro-affirming

To find out more about Caroline and The Addvocacy Project, see links to her website and socials below:
You can also email Caroline directly at:  caroline@theaddvocacyproject.com