Podcast Episode #46 Transitioning from Finance to Well-being Coaching, an interview with Marie Bernardo.

Relaunch Your Career Podcast Leah Lambart

In this interview, Leah speaks with Marie Bernardo, certified well-being coach and trauma-sensitive meditation and mindfulness teacher from CoActive Life Design.

In this episode, Marie and Leah discuss the following:

  • Marie’s own career transition from working in Finance to discovering her passion as a Well-Being Coach
  • How Marie supports and helps her clients who find themselves feeling overwhelmed, anxious, exhausted and stressed
  • Some simple and practical strategies that we can all use in our everyday life to manage our stress and overwhelm

If you are interested in finding out more about Marie and the wonderful work that she does at CoActive Life Design, then you can follow her on socials or email her to arrange an initial discussion:

Email: hello@coactivelifedesign.com.au
LinkedIn: Marie Bernardo
About Marie: https://coactivelifedesign.com.au/about/.