Medical Services Interview Coaching

Medical Services Interview Coaching

From $395 incl. GST

We have been successfully coaching clients for Medical Interviews for 8+ years and have achieved outstanding results.

Our Medical Interview Coaching service is tailored to the Graduate Program that you are applying for, and the key competencies required for the program or position. We have successfully coached graduates, registrars, consultants, and surgeons across the following specialities: orthopaedics, anaesthetics, radiology, vascular, gynaecology, obstetrics and plastic surgery.

Sessions will focus particularly on utilising the STAR method correctly to answer behavioural questions, in addition to structuring responses to the most likely questions based on previous years.

Individual sessions, coaching programs and mock interviews are available depending on the support required.

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 Coaching Session Options:

Individual coaching session

This session is a 90-minute consultation that is tailored for clients preparing for medical programs or interviews.

These sessions are tailored to the individual and will focus on preparing to respond to both general and behavioural interview questions, in particular, developing robust STAR examples to demonstrate the key competencies/selection criteria required by the service.

These sessions are for you if you want to give these interviews your absolute best and are prepared to put the hard work in after the session.

– 90 mins duration

– $395 inc GST

Follow-up coaching sessions

Follow-up coaching sessions are for clients who require an additional session to run through the responses that they have prepared and practised following the first session. This session usually involves delving into additional likely questions and/or fine-tuning responses that you have worked on since the first session.

– 60 mins duration

– $295 inc GST

Mock Interview

A mock interview is recommended following 1-2 coaching sessions and aims to build confidence leading up to the day of the interview. The format of this interview will be more formal than the coaching session and will include 40 mins of questions followed by 20 mins of discussion and feedback on questions/responses that you need to work on further prior to the interview.

– 60 mins duration

– $295 inc GST

Interview Coaching package

This package includes:

  1. 1×90 m min behavioural interview coaching session
  2. 2×60 min follow-up coaching sessions to fine-tune responses
  3. 1×60 min mock interview (practise interview before the real thing)
  4. Email correspondence between sessions if you have questions
  5. Previous questions from our extensive library of past questions per state/territory/program/speciality

– $1,125 inc GST

For further information or to book a coaching session with Interview Coach, Leah Lambart, then please click on the button below or call 0413 558 758 for further information.