Which jobs are perfectly suited to working parents?

By leahlambart
3 August 2017
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It can be really difficult to manage raising a family and holding down a job, particularly if you don’t have family support. Therefore, more and more parents are looking for a career that is still stimulating but also provides much needed flexibility.

Although corporates are getting better at offering flexible hours, there are still many positions where it’s difficult to achieve the flexibility required. Jobs that require a physical presence in the office or the need to complete billable hours are typically roles that are less flexible in nature.

So which jobs will give you greater flexibility?

Jobs that are creative or knowledge-based tend to provide the best scope for setting up your own business from home or obtaining part-time or casual work.   Examples of creative jobs might include design or writing jobs such as graphic design, interior design, web design, jewellery design, content writing, resume writing or blogging. Individuals often set up their own business in these areas after developing experience and skills in a corporate setting.

Knowledge-based roles also allow individuals to set up their own business, consulting practice or work as a freelancer. These roles include occupations such as human resources, software development, social media/digital marketing, trades (hairdresser, plumber, electrician) or healthcare and fitness careers such as nutritionists, dietitians, speech pathologists, podiatrists, fitness instructors, counsellors or psychologists. These roles often allow people to dictate their own hours or work from home.

What about a Portfolio Career?

There are also many individuals with a portfolio career which means they receive income from multiple sources whilst working in different roles. I have a colleague who works two days as a careers coach and 20-plus hours per week working as a gym and Pilates instructor at several different locations. This has the advantage of offering her flexibility, variety and work life balance.

Or an online business?

Another option for parents is setting up an online business which provides the flexibility to work from home on your own terms. In many cases these jobs require just as many hours, but an online business allows the option to work school hours and then late into the evening after the kids are in bed.



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