Behavioural Interview Coaching Session – $395 incl. GST

This behavioural interview coaching session is a 90-minute consultation that will build your confidence, master your interview techniques and ensure that you prepare in the best possible way for your next behavioural interview.   

These sessions are tailored for the individual and the role and industry that you are interviewing for. This session will focus on preparing you for behavioural interviews which are now used by 90% of organisations.   

What will you learn in a Behavioural Interview Coaching Session?

Depending on your base level of knowledge, these sessions may include discussion around any of the following:

  • Anticipating the likely questions based on the key competencies/selection criteria
  • Brainstorming the likely challenges and priorities in the role
  • Structuring your responses to the most common general questions
  • Articulating your key strengths and transferable skills
  • Responding to likely behavioural questions using the ‘STAR’ format
  • Brainstorming and workshopping your best examples to ensure that they clearly demonstrate the key competencies
  • Asking the right questions
  • Building rapport, positive body language and selling yourself
  • Closing the interview
  • Tips and tricks for nailing it!   

Who are Behavioural Interview Coaching sessions suitable for?   

  • Entry-level candidates
  • Internship and Graduate interviews (*see further details below)
  • Mid to Senior Professionals across all industries
  • Government panel interviews
  • Emergency services interviews (police, paramedic, firefighter at all levels) – see more information here
  • Medical interviews (specialist medicine, nursing, dietetics, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech pathology, allied health, aged care etc)

Our Industry Expertise

We have successfully coached clients across a vast range of industries including education, healthcare/medical (medicine, nursing, physiotherapy, dietetics, medical devices etc), accounting & finance, banking, legal, marketing, communications, design, engineering, information technology, data analysis, human resources, administration, education/teaching plus many more.  

We also have had great success coaching clients for emergency services interviews including the police (Recruit to Inspector level, fire services (all states from recruit to senior firefighters) and paramedic (including graduate, MICA program, instructors and station officers).   

*Internship / Graduate Program Interview Preparation

Our coaches also have specific Graduate Recruitment experience in global and national firms and can coach internship and graduate applicants specifically on the following parts of the internship and graduate recruitment programs:

– Video Interviews
– Gamification
– Group and Virtual Assessment Centres
– Case Interview (for management consulting)

For further information, or to book a session with one of our coaches in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane/Noosa, please contact us here.


Behavioural Interview Training

Learn What Sets Us Apart for Behavioural Interview Training

When you book your behavioural interview training session, you will receive a 90-minute consultation to help you develop your interview techniques and improve your methods of preparing for interviews. We design all our sessions according to you, your role, and the industry.


What You Can Expect from Competency-Based Interview Training

With our competency-based interview training, we will ensure that your interviewers will be able to accurately assess whether you have the necessary skillsets for a particular job description. We assist you with the multiple challenges and priorities that you will face during the interview and help you brainstorm and structure your responses to better your chances.

  • With our interview coaching, you will learn how to list your key strengths and transferrable skills while we teach you how to respond to general, situational and behavioural interview questions.
  • Building rapport with your interviewers is essential. Your interviewer may be your co-worker in the near future, so getting to know them and asking the right questions is vital to your interview. Your body language is another vital part of the interview. Closing yourself off to your interviewers may give the wrong impression. The same goes for sharing your skills ineffectively. We will teach you how to use these interview components to your advantage. We will also help you to navigate the world of online or virtual interviewing, whether that be in a group or individual setting. We will ensure that you have the right setup, including lighting, sound and will also give you some useful tips to ensure that you are making the most of the situation.
  • Finally, we will explain how to close the interview. Just getting up and smiling is not enough to end the session. We will help you with your final questions and any goodbyes and statements that you may want to add. Even your body language during your exit may be beneficial to a favourable final decision.


Signs You Should Invest in a Behavioural Interview Coaching Session

A competency-based interview training session is ideal for a candidate who has limited work experience, but it is also beneficial as a refresher for a professional who has experience but is looking to change careers. Either way, you can’t go wrong with our support and information.

  • For entry-level candidates, internship roles, or graduate interviews, we will help you build the necessary confidence for your upcoming interviews. Interviewing can be stressful, but you will give your best effort with our help and the right amount of practice. Graduate interviews are hugely competitive and stressful. Our interview coaching sessions will help you understand what to expect and what you need to do in order to be competitive to get an internship or graduate position.
  • We have significant expertise and experience coaching clients a vast range of industries including government panel interviews (state and federal level), corporate (administration, marketing & sales, IT, events, human resources, accounting & finance, legal and more), medical (doctors, nurses, specialists, allied health), emergency services (firefighters, police, paramedics)..


What You Stand to Gain When You Use Relaunch Me

At Relaunch Me, we get remarkable results through our customized and tailored interview coaching. Our testimonials speak for themselves – link to testimonials page.

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