Week 4 – Exploring Career Options through Networking

Week 5 – Narrowing down your options

This week we want to introduce you to ‘Ikagai’ – a Japanese concept for “the reason for being”.  We believe that this is a great tool that you can use to start testing and validating your career ideas in the real world in order to narrow down your options.

‘Ikagai’ or “the reason for being” is your career fulfillment sweet spot.  This is where the following 4 criteria are all fulfilled:

  • You are doing something that you love
  • You are doing something that you are good at
  • You are doing something that the world needs
  • You are doing something that someone will pay you for

This week you are going to complete the following three exercises.

Exercise 1 – The Reverse Job Ad

This week we are going to turn the recruitment process upside down and ask you to write your own ad for your ideal next role – your own ‘Ikagai’!!

Pretend that you are writing an advertisement to hire an employee (you) or writing an ad to hire someone for your own business. What strengths, skills, and personality type would they be looking for?

More info in the attachment! Have fun with it too!

Exercise 2 – Informational Interview

Following on from the Career Conversations last week, this week you are going to request a more formal Informational Interview with a person working in an occupation or industry that has become or greater interest to you over the past few weeks.  

Attached are some example Informational Interview questions to get you started.

These links will help you to prepare for a successful informational interviews: 

How to ask for an Informational Interview and get a ‘Yes’

CFA Institute – audio on informational interviewing

Following the interview you can then plot your findings in the Career Research Grid whilst considering whether this career area will meet your essential criteria (your own fulfilment sweet spot).

For your weekly inspiration, check out these videos: