Week 4 – Exploring Career Options through Networking

Week 4 – Exploring Career Options through Networking

This week is all about starting to research potential career options and focuses on one of the key success principles to making a successful career change – look for people NOT jobs!!

The last few weeks you have completed some exercises to help you build your ‘ACTION’ muscle.  This week is about building the ‘CONNECTING’ muscle.

This week is about stepping out of your comfort zone and bringing people into your life that can help you make this change.  Not just your friends and family but a whole new community of people who can give you new ideas and information to help you make future decisions.

This week marks the beginning of new connections and initiating conversations!

Exercise 1 – Three Career Conversations

This exercise is all about building a community of people who inspire you by having three conversations with three people working in interesting careers.

The aim of the game is to have 3 people agree to have a conversation with you about their work.

These people don’t have to be in a career that you know you want to get into – although if you’re clear that they are, great! If not, they simply have to inspire curiosity in you to learn more about what they do.

You do not have to have the conversation this week – scheduling can take time! The aim of the game is simply to get three people to say ‘yes’.

How to find people

Focus on your own network and your network’s network (your 2nd degree connections).

Your immediate family/friends have not yet provided the answer for you. They may have been very supportive, but still the answer hasn’t come. So you need to expand your network and look for new people to assist you.

Your network’s network is a warm way into a new network. When they introduce you to their own contacts it will come like a warm connection instead of a cold one.

Social scientists say that most people have meaningful connections with 150 people. Each of those, in turn, has approximately 150 connections of their own. Therefore, you are accessing 150 people squared. That equals 22,500 people!!!!

How to reach out to people

1) Ask for referrals – ask people to introduce you to people you are interested in talking to

2) Online networks – LinkedIn and Facebook connections can be really useful.

3) Attending some events (not necessarily huge industry events!)

4) Direct approach via email – approaching an organization that you would love to work for.

4) Make it easy for them timewise

Ask if you can pop past their office and buy them a coffee/sandwich at lunch time or have a
15-minute conversation over the phone.

I have also attached a spreadsheet to help you start brainstorming your connections!

And finally, for some inspiration, I would love you to watch these two videos:


I will look forward to discussing your progress in our next session.

If you have any questions, jump into the Facebook Group anytime.