Week 3 – Strengths and Skills

This week, the exercises have a focus on identifying STRENGTHS and KEY TRANSFERABLE SKILLS.  It is really important that you are aware of both your strengths and skills and can articulate these when meeting with people or interviewing for jobs in the future.

So what is the difference between strengths and skills.

Skills are things that you have learnt in your career to date and possibly even outside of your work through volunteering, acting on a committee or through other extra-curricular activities (ie sport, music, drama etc).

Strengths and things that come naturally to you.  They come easily to you and you usually feel energised when you are using them.  Strengths research says that we should be using our strengths 60% of our time or more in our jobs in order to be engaged, energised and motivated.  Therefore, it is important to identify what we are really naturally good at (strengths), not just things that we have learned to do (learned behaviours).  If we truly understand our strengths then we can find careers that suit us better or potentially change our current roles to suit us better.

Exercise 1 – Ask a Friend Survey

This exercise is all about finding a fresh, new and objective view of who you are from people who may just know you better than yourself. You are going to interview 3 people from different areas of your life to get their perspective on what you do best and when. Further instructions are in the attachment.

We hope you have fun with this!

Exercise 2 – The Skills Audit

A key part of determining ‘best fit’ careers and roles is to take an audit of your current skill set, both technical and soft skills. This will ensure that you are confident in communicating your transferable skills when you start exploring your career options and commencing your job search.

The skills audit attached will help you identify the skills that you do best and use most often.

I will look forward to discussing these exercises with you in our next session.