The Career Project

The Career Project is a start-up mentor platform with the goal of helping people make better career decisions.  The Career Project was first established by Leah Lambart, Director of Relaunch Me in late 2017 and has grown organically over the past few months.

The Career Project will help you identify an industry mentor willing to share their knowledge at an Informational Interview or Job Shadow Opportunity.

Career Project mentors are committed to helping you make a better career decision by providing you with insights into the role, the industry and the work environment.  This is important information that cannot be obtained via online research or by attending University Open Days and Career Expos.

In addition, our mentors are going to tell it how it is.  They will tell you if you have to work hard to get a foot in the door, what you can expect when you first start out, realistic salary expectations, networking tips and what will be the challenging parts of the role. There will be no sugarcoating!

This experience with a mentor will validate and test your ideas to see whether your potential career choice is going to suit YOU. This will potentially save you unnecessary expenses such as study fees, business set-up costs and much more if you choose a career that isn’t the right fit.

For more information or to find a mentor, go to The Career Project website.

If you are unable to locate a mentor in your industry, The Career Project will also do their best to find a mentor on your behalf.