Podcast Episode #35 A career transition story from Publishing to NFP to Marriage Celebrant, an interview with Sophie Coombes

Episode 27

In this episode, Relaunch Me Career & Strengths Coach, Emma Hodgson, interviews the delightful Sophie Coombes, a serial career changer who is currently living her best life as a Civil Marriage Celebrant on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

In this engaging episode, Emma and Sophie discuss the following:

  • How Sophie started her career working in sales & marketing 
  • Sophie’s first career transition into the world of publishing with Allen & Unwin
  • Different roles within the publishing industry
  • Sophie’s second career transition into Donor Relations with Not-for-Profit Reach Out
  • The key differences between working in corporate vs a Not-for-Profit (NFP)
  • How Sophie came to be interested in becoming a Civil Marriage Celebrant
  • What it takes to become a Marriage Celebrant
  • Pros and cons of working as a celebrant
  • How Sophie has successfully built her business, Making Magic Moments, over the past decade 

You can find out more about Sophie’s business on her website Making Magic Moments