Podcast Episode #51 A Career Journey from Marketing Director to Divorce Coach, an interview with Amy Voller

Relaunch Your Career Podcast

In this episode, Leah interviews Amy Voller from Ripple Resolutions about her career journey from Marketing Director to Divorce Coach.

In this episode, Leah and Amy discuss:

  • Amy’s own career journey from working in senior marketing roles in Australia and Germany to retraining to become a Divorce Coach
  • The difference between divorce coaching and mediation
  • How Amy discovered that this was her calling and how she went about researching the industry
  • The challenges that Amy’s clients have to overcome from a career perspective after going through a divorce
  • Amy’s advice for anyone women considering a divorce

If you are interested in finding out more about Amy and her work as a Divorce Coach, see links to her LinkedIn Profile and website below:


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