Podcast Episode #50 Navigating a Career Change from Corporate to Sleep Coach, an interview with Carla Butler

Relaunch Your Career podcast

Carla Butler, Sleep Coach from Ora Sleep Coaching,  is passionate about helping burnt out professionals improve their lives through managing stress and improving sleep. 
Carla believes that sleep is the key health pillar and is on a mission to arm as many people as possible with the knowledge of how important sleep is and how to fix it.

In this episode, Leah interviews Carla about her career journey from working in stressful corporate jobs to becoming a Sleep Coach and Health & Wellness advocate and how she now helps stressed out business owners, athletes, shift workers and employees to get a better sleep.

In the episode, Leah and Carla also discuss: 

  • Why sleep is so important
  • How lack of sleep impacts people at work
  • What happens when we don’t get adequate sleep
  • Tips for getting a better night’s sleep
  • How Carla can help someone suffering from insomnia or lack of quality sleep

For resources mentioned in the podcast:

Huberman Lab Podcast
Book – Why We Sleep  – Matt Walker
Podcast – Why We Sleep – Matt Walker
Sleep Health Foundation
Carla’s sleep quiz 

 For further information about Carla, you can follow her as follows:

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