Graduate Interview & Assessment Centre Coaching

Cost $395 incl. GST


Behavioural Interview Coaching

Our coaching team have specific experience interviewing potential graduate and interns for Big 4 firms, national legal firms and investment banks and they will teach you to ‘think like a recruiter’!

Our sessions will be tailored to the industry and organisations/firms that you are interviewing for, and will focus on how you respond to the most common general questions (ie. Tell us about yourself?, What are your strengths?, Do you have a weakness? etc) in addition to ensuring that you are responding to the behavioural interview questions by correctly using the STAR method.

In this 90 minute coaching session, we will help you brainstorm relevant examples to demonstrate the key competencies that recruiters are looking for in a graduate or intern, and ensure that you are delivering them in the most compelling manner.


Group or Virtual Assessment Centre Preparation – Typical Activities

In addition to behavioural interview coaching for graduate programs and internships, we can also provide coaching sessions that will help individuals prepare for assessment centres as part of the graduate interview assessment process.

Assessment centre coaching sessions are suitable for graduates applying for graduate programs, high potential employees and all other candidates undergoing a general recruitment process that involves an assessment centre (ie. police, firefighters and other professionals).

These coaching sessions will help you prepare for activities including the following typical activities:

  • Group problem-solving exercise – this is a group activity that tests team and leadership behaviours. A team is given a set of instructions and a goal to achieve within a certain time limit. For example, you might be put into teams and asked to construct something.
  • Case study assessments – this is a business-focused issue or problem which needs to be solved. It tests both consulting and capability skills as well as behavioural competencies. This includes frameworks like SWOT and PESTLE.
  • Individual and/or group presentations – these are often given as part of a case study exercise where you’ll be asked to present your conclusions as part of a group. Alternatively, you might be asked to prepare an individual presentation in advance and give it on the day.
  • Written task – you can sometimes be asked to write recommendations or conclusions to a case study exercise instead of giving a presentation. Alternatively, you might be set a writing task such as composing an email or business report.
  • Social break – Some assessment centres span over the period of half a day to up to 2 days. Remember not to drop your guard during these social breaks. Employers often use these breaks (lunch/dinner) to assess your interpersonal skills and your business knowledge.


What you will learn in an assessment centre preparation session?

In this tailored coaching session you will gain valuable knowledge and insight into the following:

  • The typical structure of assessment centres and the main activities
  • An understanding of the key capabilities each activity typically aims to assess
  • Examples and opportunities to practice technical frameworks used in case study activities, ie SWOT and PESTLE analysis
  • Frameworks and guidance on how to present or write with impact
  • Identify which activities will likely align with your strengths and which are likely to reveal areas for development
  • Understand how to leverage your strengths
  • Help identify your development areas, build strategies and practice going outside your comfort zone
  • Insight into the common pitfalls of assessment centres and how to avoid being “tripped up”
  • Find out what to expect and how to succeed in virtual assessment centres

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