The Career Coaching session is a 60-minute coaching session via Phone/Zoom (your choice) and is suitable for:


  • Yr 11/12 students and recent school leavers looking for some career direction
  • University students unsure about their career path
  • Experienced professionals seeking more meaningful work
  • Experienced professional with no idea what to do OR too many ideas
  • Mature-age candidates looking to change direction leading up to retirement.

This session will be the kickstart you need to get clear on your ‘best fit’ careers based on your personality, interests and values.  We will also take into account your background, key transferable skills and financial obligations.  This session involves completion of the Career Magnifier online career assessments prior to the consultation and a review of you results.  However this review will not be in as much detail as the 90 min face-to-face session.

Clients who complete this session leave with: 

  • Greater clarity and confidence about the work they were meant to do
  • A shortlist of career areas and occupations aligned with their personality, interests and values
  • An action plan to undertake further research; and
  • Career resources to get them started on the journey to finding their ‘best fit’ career