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By leahlambart
23 September 2020
labour market resources

If you are considering a career change or have been forced to re-think your career as a result of Covid-19, then we always recommend conducting thorough research into the industry that you are looking to transition into.  It can be difficult to really get a sense of the job demand in these areas by looking at advertised roles on job boards, as this is just a snapshot of the current positions advertised on that particular day.

We often get asked by our clients about how they can find out current information on the local labour market and what jobs will be in demand in the future.  If you are interested in researching industries where there will be future demand, then we recommend the following key labour market resources if you want to get started with your research.

Key labour market resources to navigate your career

  • The Australian Government’s Labour Market Information Portal labour market information including data on national, regional and local markets. This information can be highly valuable for making informed decisions on your future, in line with current wages, industry potential and future job prospects.
  • Job Outlook is an excellent website for general career information data on approximately 350 different occupations including information on job responsibilities, wages information and future job prospects.
  • National Skills Commission July 2020 – A Snapshot in Time Report provides updated information on how Covid-19 has affected the Australian job market, workforce changes and current and emerging skills.
  • Australian Jobs 2019 publication is a useful document with an overview of labour market trends that can be downloaded from the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations. This publication outlines employment and jobs information by location, industry, occupation and skill level. However, please note that the latest publication was last updated in May 2019 so information will have changed significantly as a result of Covid-19.
  • Graduate Careers Australia is a website geared towards graduates and provides excellent data including surveys on Australian Graduate Outcomes, University Experience and Graduate Outlook.
  • 100 Jobs of the Future is also a really interesting and fun website that documents a project run by Ford Australia in conjunction with Deakin University and Griffith University looking at jobs of the future in an increasingly technologically-driven society. The website also lists 100 jobs of the future in major domains and industries including jobs such as Drone Air Traffic Controller, Cricket Framer, Health Shaper, Genetics Coach and Fusionist.
  • National Industry Insights website provides an excellent overview of industry skills requirements as well as factors and trends affecting the demand for skills at a national and cross-industry level.
  • National Centre for Vocational Education Research is the national professional body responsible for collecting, managing, analysing and communicating research and data related to the Australian vocational education and training sector (VET) sector.

The impact of Covid-19 means that the Australian job market has changed significantly over the past six months and the data in many of these reports will not be as reliable.  When referring to the resources above, take note of the last publication date when taking this information into consideration.  However, these websites will continue to provide updated reports, so it is still useful to have links to these sites.

In addition to the resources above, it can also be useful to gather information through local sources such as industry experts, recruiters, industry webinars and industry associations.  Likewise, updates in the media and on LinkedIn may also be useful when considering future job market trends.

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