Searching for a Job After the Pandemic: Consider These Options

By leahlambart
12 May 2021
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Understanding Your Options

Much of the world’s population suffered from job loss during the global pandemic. You may be someone who has encountered or is facing this hardship and is looking for the most advantageous route back to financial security. Knowing what options are available to you is key to making the best decision to further your career. Despite the current circumstances, these steps are still within grasp for most people!

Finding Jobs Virtually

Online job postings and remote hiring are critical in today’s job market, especially after the global pandemic. Not only are you likely to find an online job posting for your local area, but this brings opportunities for you to extend your career options through companies within your country or even internationally. Job search engines such as will present job openings for full or part-time positions, remote work, and positions posted on other job posting platforms. Social media platforms, such as Facebook, are becoming increasingly more popular for job searching similar to the way LinkedIn is a mixture of job advancement and social media.

Online job postings and hiring processes bring the need for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), which streamlines the process of reviewing job applications for employers. This is important for those looking to apply for a job because having an ATS resume template is crucial for ensuring your application makes its way to the hiring manager. If your resume does not include keywords or experience outlined by the employer then your application is not indicated as a potential candidate to the employer.

Different Jobs to Consider

If there is one change to traditional positions that this pandemic brought, it is certainly online or remote employment! Countless companies have realised that many jobs can be successfully conducted remotely at home, which also opens the door for employment to individuals across the country or world who are qualified but are unable to relocate for the position. During this time many people discovered the usefulness of pursuing freelance work, online customer service positions, remote data entry, online marketing, and more! These positions typically only require that you have an internet provider and sometimes your own laptop or desktop computer if they do not provide one to you. These opportunities typically provide job training, and open the door also to those who need to stay home with their children if childcare services are discontinued, or if they are most comfortable working remotely at home.

While most people are familiar with typical retail and office jobs, there are positions available for those not looking to pursue remote employment but are still in high demand and socially distanced. Many grocery stores and retailers have adapted to life during the global pandemic to accommodate curbside pickup options and home deliveries, and need delivery drivers to make this happen! Many areas also host options such as Uber Eats and Doordash to deliver meals to homes from restaurants that do not typically have delivery options available, and you are able to provide this service from the comfort of your own vehicle.

We Will Leave You With This Thought

The New York Times posted an article outlining which job areas are anticipated to have an increased job outlook, and which are and already have decreased in a post-pandemic world.  Website developers, network/database administrators, positions in the medical field and biological technicians are all career choices on the rise and have a bright job outlook over the next several years. While you may not be in a position to obtain these types of employment yet, you have the opportunity to pursue the training and education necessary to enter these careers because they are anticipated to steadily increase over time.

Employment opportunities with an increased job outlook is worth considering, because long term, they indicate a lucrative job market if you choose to make the necessary arrangements to qualify, or apply if you already hold the credentials. As previously stated in this article, knowing all of your options is key to determining your best career choice.

If you are requiring further career guidance, then contact us via the Contact page. We have career coaches based in Melbourne (Malvern, Essendon), Sydney (Brookvale), Brisbane (New Farm) and on the Sunshine Coast who can work with you to better understand the career options available to you. We also offer remote career coaching sessions via Zoom for our interstate, rural and overseas clients.

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