Podcast Episode #49 Rise of the Interim Executive with Executive Recruiter, Jacinta Whelan

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In this episode, Leah interviews Jacinta Whelan, a partner with Watermark Executive Search and co-author of The Rise of the Interim Executive.

Jacinta is an award-winning author, thought leader and popular speaker on the concept of Interim Executives, Portfolio Careers and future ways of working. She leads the Melbourne office of Watermark and has over 25 years’ experience starting and leading Interim businesses in Hong Kong, New York and Australia.​

 Jacinta advises corporates and governments on the Executive Interim marketplace.  She is regularly asked to speak to Boards and business leaders looking to stay abreast of the way organisations are engaging executive talent. ​

 In this episode, Leah and Jacinta discuss the following

  • Can you explain the meaning of ‘Interim Executive?
  • What are the advantages of working as an interim executive?
  • Who is interim work most suitable for?
  • Challenges of working as an interim executive? 
  • What skills do you need to be successful?
  • What should someone considering an interim career need to think about? 

For further resources or to buy The Rise of the Interim Executive book, see the links below:



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