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Return to Work Program

Return To Work Program

The Return to Work Program has been created specifically for mums, dads or carers who are ready to ‘relaunch’ their career.   This program is suitable for; individuals planning to return to work in a similar role, individuals seeking a total career change, or for individuals thinking about starting their own business.

What does the Return To Work Program involve?

A successful relaunch requires more than just updating a resume and searching for jobs online.  That’s why the Return to Work Program includes a thorough self-assessment before you even commence looking at your job search strategy and marketing materials.  The self-assessment includes evaluation of your key transferable skills, your values, your interests and the work tasks and work environment that will be the best fit.

Why I designed the ‘Return to Work’ program?

As a mother of three young children, I have been in your position and I understand the challenges of relaunching your career after an extended break from full-time work.

This program is designed to give you a second chance at finding a career that you really want, not a career that you ‘just fell into’, pursued to please someone else (ie. very well-meaning parents) or persisted with purely to pay the bills.

This program will give you greater clarity in regard to your values, interests, skills and strengths.  Believe me, they are still there somewhere!

It will also give you the confidence and courage to get back into the real world to begin that journey. Often it isn’t as hard as it first seems.

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Evaluation of Skills, Strengths and Personality Type
In this session we will review your background to get clarity around your transferable skills and the skills that you enjoy using.  We will also evaluate your key strengths.  We will also use the Career Magnifier Personality Profile assessment tool to determine the work tasks and work environment that will suit you best.

You will walk away with a sense of self-validation and a list of suggested career areas and occupations to begin exploring.

Evaluations of Interests and Values

In this session, we will use the Career Magnifier Career Interests assessment tool to evaluate and discuss career interest areas and the pros and cons of each.  We will also discuss your key values and how you find a career where your values can be expressed.

At the end of this session, you will have a shortlist of careers and a practical action plan to start testing and validating your career options in the real world.

Job Search Strategy

In this session, we will discuss how you go about structuring your job search within your area of interest.  This will include review and recommendations for writing a compelling Resume and  Cover Letter to highlight your key skills and experience and networking techniques to access the hidden job market.

LinkedIn Coaching

In this session, we will discuss how you can use LinkedIn for job search, networking and accessing the hidden job market.  In this session I will coach you to write keyword optimised profile for your ideal future role rather than your past.

I will also show you tips and techniques for using LinkedIn to attract the attention of recruiters and potential employers.

Interview Coaching

In today’s competitive job market you cannot ‘wing’ an interview if you want to be successful.  You need to be thoroughly prepared so you can clearly articulate your skills, strengths and career goals.  You also need to be able to answer behavioural interview questions using ‘STAR’ examples to demonstrate the key competencies of the role.  This requires interview preparation and lots of practise.

In this session I will coach you on using ‘STAR’ and teach you to ‘think like a recruiter’.  I will help you structure your responses to likely interview questions and help you brainstorm relevant examples from your past work, volunteer or community activities.

Type Time Price
  5 x 1hr Face-to-Face sessions  5 hrs   $750
  5 x 1hr Skype Coaching sessions  5 hrs   $650

I engaged Leah’s services after being out of the workforce for a period of time; it was the most beneficial exercise. Leah is both practical and empathetic, delightful yet ballsy. Money very well spent.


Senior Sales Executive, Melbourne

After a number of years out of the workforce after having children, Leah was instrumental in getting me back on track career wise. Her ability to relate to people in a kind, genuine and thoughtful manner is second to none. Leah provided me with personality testing for career fit, resume tips and general advice on how to find the right role. I found Leah to be extremely professional and experienced, but also very personable and motivating. I would highly recommend Leah.


Return to Work mother of 2 / Senior Accountant, Melbourne

Hi Leah

I wanted to share my news with you. I have a job! It came out of left field but it’s perfect. You were right, that the way I was going to find my kind of job would be through someone I knew.

Chatting to old colleagues and getting a couple of interviews all helped me boost my confidence enormously. Even though deep down I didn’t really want to return to the big corporate world those steps helped me remember that I did have some useful skills and talent. I’d lost so much confidence and a bit of my identity after such a long gap. Just doing those little things re-energised me and got the ball rolling and then more and more opportunities started to pop up.

I am so happy. Thanks Leah for your early guidance and pushing me in the right direction. This job ticks all the boxes for me!- it’s with a fantastic group of people, it’s a great company with a good story AND it offers the perfect balance for me as a mum!

Thanks again for everything. We’ll stay in touch.


Return to work mother of 3

After taking an extended maternity leave to raise my three children I was left lacking confidence and despondent about my chances of re-entering the workforce (something I was yearning for).

I hired Leah Lambart to assist me in moving forward in a meaningful way. She has so far taken me through a series of steps in career counselling which have already given me confidence, focus and excitement about returning to my previous industry. She has also provided me with extensive LinkedIn coaching which now puts me in an excellent position to re-enter the workforce.

She also:
-Helped me figure out what types of work I was good at and enjoyed, and what fields and specific job titles would be a good fit
-Assisted a rewrite of my resume to fit the types of jobs I was seeking and be more accomplishment-oriented
-Helped me feel more confident in myself and my skills and my ability to find a good job

I highly recommend anyone in a similar position or anyone that wants to find a new job or career to contact Leah to maximise their potential and success


Return to Work mother of 3