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Interview Coaching

Interview Coaching – Master your Interview Skills and Interview Preparation

With 15+ years recruitment, human resources and interview coaching experience, I understand what hiring managers are looking for during the recruitment process and will coach you to ’think like a recruiter’.

Interview Coaching sessions are tailored for the individual and the position and/or industry you are applying for.

This session will build your confidence, master your interview techniques and ensure that you prepare in the best possible way. These sessions focus on responding to both General and Behavioural Interview Questions and will involve workshopping your best ‘STAR’ responses to demonstrate how you meet the key selection criteria. We will also work on your ‘elevator pitch’ and how you articulate your key strengths and transferable skills.

Who do I work with?

I have had great success coaching individuals for the following types of interview:

  • Behavioural and competency based ‘STAR’ interviews
  • Government panel interviews
  • Clerkship, Graduate or Internship interviews (special interest in Accounting & Legal)
  • Firefighter (MFB and CFA) interviews
  • Emergency Services & Medical interviews
    Successfully coached individuals for the following medical specialities; Intensive Care, Anaesthetics, Sports Medicine, Oncology & Paramedicine

Mock Interviews

Mock Interviews are tailored for the individual and the position you are applying for. A Mock Interview will help you identify your weaknesses and where you need to do additional work to be successful. These sessions will ensure that you are using appropriate ‘STAR’ examples when answering behavioural questions to successfully demonstrate the key selection criteria.

  • Behavioural or Competency-based interviews requiring ‘STAR’ responses
  • CFA & MFB  Firefighter Interviews
  • Emergency Management Interviews
  • Medical Interviews
  • Government Panel Interviews
  • Accounting & Leagl Graduate or Summer Clerkship Interviews

  • Building rapport with the interviewer
  • Positive body language and selling yourself
  • Structuring your responses to general questions such as ‘Tell us about yourself”
  • Responding to behavioural questions using the ‘STAR’ format
  • Brainstorming STAR examples to demonstrate the key competencies
  • Asking the right questions
  • Closing the interview
  • Tips and tricks for nailing it

Type Time Price
   Face-to-face Interview Coaching Session   1.5 hrs duration   $325
   Phone Interview Coaching Session   1 hr duration   $195
   Follow-up Interview Coaching Session   1 hr duration   $195
   Mock Interview   1 hr duration   $195

I met with Leah Lambart for interview coaching in April 2017. Faced with the daunting prospect of my first interview in a period of over eight years, and needed to see a professional interview coach to assist in my preparation. Leah spent time with me, in a relaxed and comfortable environment, to go over the position description, in order to assess key questions which might come up during the interview. Leah gave me ideas on how to answer ‘tricky’ questions, along with documents that outlined suggestions, too.

Importantly, Leah armed me with questions that I could ask at the end of the interview, that would assist in creating a dialogue and a sense of connection with those on the interview panel. All-in-all, I came out of my session with Leah, armed with self-confidence due to her detailed and clever preparation.

She followed up with a phone call, a few hours after my interview, to enquire about my thoughts on how I fared. I’d happily recommend Leah to anyone who’s seeking a career change, or more particularly, mums like me who are needing to get back into the paid workforce after a break due to child-rearing. Leah knows her industry very well, and you know you’re in good hands. She’ll guide you carefully and kindly all the way through the process. Thank you, Leah!


Content Writer, Melbourne

For over two years I had been trying to break through the job ceiling into a higher managerial role and also cross over into a new discipline. My applications were getting me interviews but I couldn’t convert these opportunities into job offers – the excuse of not enough experience always being the feedback.

After one coaching session with Leah I received a job offer from the very next interview I had. Her advice and guidance about how to structure answers, think more clearly, how to best apply my experience to new fields and provide responses that panels are seeking to hear was the sole difference than my previous attempts.

Leah also went an extra mile by volunteering further help in providing resources how best to respond to psychometric testing. This was completely unprompted but allowed me to comprehensively prepare for not only my interview but testing as well. After twelve previous attempts it was purely Leah’s help that enabled me to convert an interview into job offer and finally break the job ceiling.


Urban Planner, Melbourne

Leah, thanks for the interview coaching session. Just to let you know that I was offered the post at the hospital in Queensland, which I intend to take. Thank you for your part in securing this job.


Anaesthetist, Melbourne

I just wanted to say how helpful the interview coaching session was last week. I went well in the interview and found all of your advice very useful. I had so much more confidence this time around.


Graduate Arts Student, Melbourne

Thanks for all your career guidance. I interviewed for a job in corporate affairs and they have just offered me the job. I wouldn’t have thought to apply for a job like this without your help. Thank you!


Lawyer, Melbourne

Without Leah’s guidance, I would not have been able to walk into my interview so confidently. The personal nature of her sessions were invaluable – she steers you in the right direction to not only consider the types of questions that might be asked, but more importantly how to best answer them. Her timely response to emails/calls and overall professionalism was exceptional. If you’re looking for guidance or simply want genuine feedback, Leah will support you all the way.


Medical School Applicant