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My Top 6 Questions to Ask at Your Next Interview

This week I had an interview coaching session with Jennifer, an experienced professional who was looking to hone her interview skills for a more senior opportunity. Securing this position is particularly important to Jennifer as it will allow her to step up to the next level and move her one step closer to her long-term career goal of being a Financial Controller.

Towards the end of our coaching session I asked Jennifer what questions she had prepared to ask the interview panel. Her response was that she would probably just make them up on the spot as she had always done in previous interviews. I was really surprised by this statement. I would have expected with her experience that Jennifer would have prepared specific questions in order to obtain the key information required to make an informed decision should she actually receive a job offer.

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How Outplacement Support Can Assist Your Career Transition

In the past month I have worked with several outplacement candidates who have been made redundant from long-held positions of 7+ years. Although all of these candidates were aware that their business was going through changes, the announcement that their role had been made redundant still came as quite a shock.

Redundancy affects people in different ways. For many it is a downright kick in the face, particularly after they have put everything into a job for many years. For others, it is a delightful opportunity. A nice payout to save them from a mundane job that they were ready to quit anyhow.

Whatever the situation, outplacement support can be just what you need to assist you with your career transition and get you back on track.

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What to Research before Accepting a Job Offer

Here is my latest article featured today on the Cazinc blog which highlights the importance of doing your research before accepting a job offer.

Ideally you want to assess the organisation and do your due diligence to make sure it is the right fit in regard to the work tasks, the work environment and that the values of the organisation are aligned to your own.

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Which jobs are perfectly suited to working parents?

It can be really difficult to manage raising a family and holding down a job, particularly if you don’t have family support. Therefore, more and more parents are looking for a career that is still stimulating but also provides much needed flexibility.

Although corporates are getting better at offering flexible hours, there are still many positions where it’s difficult to achieve the flexibility required. Jobs that require a physical presence in the office or the need to complete billable hours are typically roles that are less flexible in nature.

So which jobs will give you greater flexibility?

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Are you in the right work environment?

In my work as a Career Coach I see many individuals who are unhappy at work and believe that they need to make a career change.  In the course of our discussions including a review of their personality type,  it often becomes clear that it is not the work that is the problem, but actually the work environment that is largely contributing to their unfortunate situation.

Creating the perfect work environment is very much dependent on personality with consideration of the following key factors:

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What should I do on my career break to achieve a successful career relaunch?

One of the most common questions I get asked by mothers or carers on an extended career break is what they can be doing to improve their chances of returning to work.   This is a great question and one that should be considered by anyone planning to take a significant amount of time off work if they wish to have a successful return to work.

Here are my top 8 tips to maximise your career relaunch:

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Does a career change always involve further study?

Are you considering a career change? Are you worried about how you can afford the cost or time to undertake further study?

You may have already invested many years at university and a substantial amount of money to obtain an undergraduate degree and possibly post-graduate qualifications. Therefore the thought of returning to even more study is quite daunting.

Often at this stage in their lives, individuals have considerable financial commitments a partner or family to support.   This is often the main reason that many people stay in a career that they dislike as they assume that a career change would be too difficult and too expensive.

So does a career change always involve further study? 

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How to Finance Your Career Change

Before transitioning from one career to another it is worthwhile reviewing your financial situation and putting some plans in place

Have you had a rewarding career for twenty-plus years, but are now feeling unfulfilled? Perhaps you are looking for something more creative? Maybe you wish to start your own business, or want to contribute to the greater good of society and make a difference? Maybe the catalyst for change has come through a life-changing event such as an illness or a death of a loved one. Or you may just seek a better work/life balance.

If any of these sounds like where you’re at right now, you’re not alone. Many people share the desire to throw in the job in order to study a new course or start their own business. But how is this possible when you have a mortgage to pay off, children to school and a certain lifestyle to maintain?

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