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Career & Interview Coaching

About Me

My name is Leah, and as an experienced career-changer myself I am passionate about helping my clients find a career that is personally meaningful yet still pays the bills. I will work closely with you to help you get clarity about what work tasks and work environment are going to be the best fit and help you determine the career options that will best suit your personality, interests and values. I will also provide you with a practical action plan so you can validate and test your career ideas in the real world.

Working in Melbourne for over 15+ years in recruitment, human resources and career counselling, I have an in-depth understanding of the recruitment process and will help you ‘think like a recruiter’.  I am very passionate about helping my clients navigate the job search market and present themselves at interview in the best possible way.

About My Services

There are many stages associated with career change and finding a new job. Relaunch Me offers a range of services to assist you with each step in the process including Career Counselling, Career Coaching, Job Search Coaching, LinkedIn Coaching and Interview Coaching.

Relaunch Me also offers Return to Work programs for mums, dads or carers who need assistance returning to work after a long absence.  Our Return to Work Program will give you clarity about your best options which will be aligned to your interests and what is most important to you. The Return to Work Program will give you renewed confidence and the ability to articulate your key strengths and personal attributes.

I also offer Outplacement / Career Transition Programs to individuals who have been made redundant. These programs are tailored to the individual and may include Career Counselling, Job Search Coaching, Resume & Cover Letter Coaching, LinkedIn Coaching and Interview Coaching.

Face-to-face consultations are available from my office based in Malvern, Melbourne VIC 3144 or via Skype or Phone Consultation.

The Latest From My Blog

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Are your future-proofing your career?

Are you future-proofing your career? When I commenced my career twenty years ago the workplace was vastly different.  There was one office computer shared by thirty staff, no mobile phones and no email.  All files were stored hardcopy in a file-room and we received our weekly wage as cash in an envelope.  There were no cloud-based platforms, no co-working spaces and ‘marketing’ consisted of a listing in the Yellow Pages and sponsoring the local footy …

How to Prepare for a Behavioural Interview

If you are planning to enter the job market anytime soon, it is more than likely that you may be invited to attend a ‘behavioural interview’. Behavioural interviews have been the norm for a long time in government, corporates, professional services, universities and graduate/internship programs, but they are also starting to become common place in interviews at much smaller organisations. So what is a behavioural interview? A behavioural interview is an interview that usually includes …

Do you really need a LinkedIn Profile?

Do you really need a LinkedIn profile? In my work as a Career Coach I get asked time and time again whether it is really necessary to have a LinkedIn profile. Although a large proportion of the population are consumed with social media, there are also many individuals who are not comfortable having an online presence. Usually these clients are not Facebook or Instagram users and don't really see the need to create a LinkedIn …